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Ssslindelria (Shena Snowlock)

Ssslindelria is from the Jungles of Chult and is a Yaun-ti Pureblood.

Ssslindelria, using the name of Shena Snowlock, is a Ranger in the employ of the Dark Scar's Ranger Company.  She is a young Ranger under the tutelage of her Father, Master Ranger and the guilds current leader.  Having learned what she can in her jungle environment and home, she was sent off to her mother to continue her training in a deeply forested mountain region.  Once she completed the training with her mother she was sent back to her father for the last step in her formalized training.

The last step in her training was to raise a wild animal cub to maturity and teach it a general skill.  After 3 months of studying the different animals of the jungle she happened upon an abandoned tiger cub whose mother was killed by hunters.  She then took the cub back to her home and after a year and a half had the cat trained as an attack cat that could be ridden by her.  Also at this time she raised a horse around the cat so as it would not be afraid of it and so the cat would know that horses are not to be attacked.  The horse is war trained and can also serve as a pack animal if need be.

Having completed the last stage of her formal training she was sent out into the world to learn more about her races enemies.  The first night away from her home she was awoken by a dream.  The god Silvanus came to her and told her to put aside her petty hate that he had need of her services.  That he commanded her to go and rid a forest to the north of the goblins that were defiling it.  So north she went and she and Guhunther spent the next year killing goblins and orcs.  After seeing the carnage and ruin they left in the forest a great burning hate built inside of her.  She delved deep into the caverns that they used as a home, killing them all.  Not leaving a single goblin alive to defile the forest anymore.  She then started to heal the damage that was wrought by those foul beasts with the help of her patron, Silvanus.

Once her task was completed she went to head home.  She found on the journey home that she had changed.  She no longer had an over whelming desire to commit evil and violent acts against humans she would rather just let them be as long as they left her forest alone.  The first night after being home she had a great urge to return out into the jungle.  She was restless in the confines of this town, no longer a town dweller in her heart.  She gathered her most precious belongs and headed for the dense jungles to the east.  She spent many months getting to know her jungle, mile by mile.  She found some old ruins and turned them into a dwelling for her and Guhunther after routing the goblins that were living there. 

After 6 months of solitude and loneliness she was visited by Silvanus again in a dream.  My daughter, he said.  Do not despair, seek out the Druid Vilsadlets, he is awaiting you. 

Ssslindelria is a little under average human height and looks quite friendly and trustworthy she has deep green eyes the color of emeralds.  She has heat-sensing pits on the sides of her nose – the only outward sign that she is not human.  She covers these up with an amulet given to her by her mother.  The amulet casts a minor illusion disguising the heat sensing pits and aids in her disguise (+3 circumstance to disguise skill) as a human.  This allows her to blend into the human society as a normal person.

She tends to dress in Brown and Green Studded Leather Armor and on a rare occasion she will wear pants and shirts made of high quality well fitted leather.  Her red hair is long but braided to keep out of her way.  She is always an optimist; she always tries to look on the bright side of things, and encourages others to do the same. 

She is quite skilled at tracking people through any terrain and takes jobs doing as such.  She is loyal to her father's Ranger Company and she does jobs for him from time to time when he needs her help. She is very loyal to those that she calls friends but has no use for those that defile the forest or hunt just to kill. She is very quiet and reflective person.  More apt to listen then talk herself, she is quite capable of charming her way into or out of a situation if the need arises.

Shena Snowlock (Inactive)

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