Shenvallei D'ansille (deceased)

Your happy go lucky elf!


Shenvallei ambles about at a 5’5 height though his eye level is always changing due to him always looking about. His eyes seem to dart from place to place – but out of wonder and curiousness rather than paranoia.
Long auburn red hair in a ponytail that hangs down to his mid back. 2 braids that fall from each long pointed ear to just above each breast.

Simple white loose clothes adorn his slender frame with a brown leather vest/pantaloons/moccasins. A leather belt with a brass beltbuckle with the symbol of Corellon Lorenthian. A large stuffed backpack and 2 large beltpouches hang from his belt. A dagger is tucked behind the left beltpouch and a shortbow hangs on his left shoulder.

His voice is tenor-like and varies greatly in pitch as he speaks giving others the impression that he is exaggerating everything he says. However once most folk get to know Shen, they find him likeable and a bit comedic if at times too aloof for his own good.

Shen has lived his entire life within the Forest village of Sasal (population 800) just 25 miles south of the city of Elmwood on the south end of the Moonsea (Faerun). His 120 years have been spent in harmony. Shen began studying magic at the age of 100 when he took on his own name and proved to be a fast learner. One of the village wizards took him in as an apprentice and began exploring the mysteries of the arcane together. Now on his 120th birthday, the village wizard urged him to go to the planar city of Sigil and learn what he could of the mysteries there. One day he said, “return to me and we will discuss what you have learned and experienced.”

Shenvallei D'ansille (deceased)

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