Relaeryn Cystana


Relaeryn is a grey elf, a little over five and a half feet tall and of lithe, muscular build. Her golden blonde hair is kept somewhat short, frequently hanging loose around her shoulders. An aristocratically beautiful face with piercing sapphire eyes is marred somewhat by a generally dour demeanor.

She wears fitted red trousers tucked into black leather riding boots and a light white cotton blouse, generally covered by a fine mail hauberk of gleaming black rings, interspersed with gold as decoration. Bracers, and plate reinforce over her shoulders and upper arms keep the same coloration. A simple, well-kept sword hangs from her belt, as do a small number of pouches. She seems otherwise unencumbered.


Relaeryn is a member of the lesser nobility of a Prime Grey Elven kingdom, from a long standing military family. She learned to ride almost as soon as she learned to walk, and much of her childhood was spent wandering the forests and mountains of her homeland. She would spend days, sometimes weeks at a time before returning to one of the cities with no company but a horse and her bow. As adulthood loomed she took on the responsibilities of her caste with little enthusiasm for the discipline of military life, and her parents could see this. Thus it was little surprise to anyone when she took her mount, armor and weapons and left home.

She spent several years wandering her home plane, doing what she could to further the cause of her people there. In time however, she came to look beyond the Prime – especially her own. She comes from a Prime world where the Elves are still at the height of their power and hold sway over most of the map, and this left her with little opportunity to do any good.

Fifteen years after she left home, she took to the Planes and found herself in the Cage.

Sigil was, to say the least, a bit of a shock to the young Elf. Years of fighting on the Prime where-ever the creatures of darkness reared their head came crashing down around her pointed ears as she found herself in a city where Angel and Fiend alike walked the streets, virtually untouchable even to each other. She fled the City of Doors within days of her arrival, ending up in the Outlands, drifting from gate town to gate town, slowly acclimatizing herself to the Multiverse. Two years after arriving in the Cage, she found herself in Arborea.

Relaeryn Cystana

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