Masud stands 5'6" tall and looks to weigh around 130 lbs. His deeply tanned body (think Egyptian) is lean and toned and he appears to be well muscled


Masud stands 5’6" tall and looks to weigh around 130 lbs. His deeply tanned body (think Egyptian) is lean and toned and he appears to be well muscled. He has few visible scars and the ones you do see are dark with age. He wears his shoulder length black hair in a pony tail tied off with black rawhide strips. His eyes are oval shaped and a brilliant blue that you can almost get lost in. He is quick to smile and when he does you can see he has even white teeth. He appears almost to be human, but not quite so. Two small pits at his nose and the slightly pointed ears are his most inhuman markings.

He can typically be found wearing a loosely fit blue shirt and black pants of the finest cotton. He ties the shirt at the waist with a crimson sash and wears the pants tucked into his tall black boots. When working he wears some well oiled Studded Leather Armor that has been dyed black. A bandoleer across his chest is equipped with a pouch and three well balanced daggers. On a well wrought belt around his waist hang a pair of superbly made scimitars.


Masud was born in the country of Mulhorand in the bowels of the City of Shadows, the Eternal City, Skuld. His was the typical clutch of eggs that Yaun-ti spawn from, hatched to be a servant of the god Set. Also like most Yaun-ti, this nest was situated in the deep, deep underbelly of Skuld. Masud was six years old when his nest was attacked by the “Brotherhood of Osiris” in their attempt to stamp out the Church of Set.

Masud was spirited away to safety with 3 other of his clutch mates by the great Yaun-ti wizard Tarik. They appeared deep in a cave far away from the city that Tarik had setup for just this event. Tarik told them, they were chosen to be saved because they looked the most human of their clutch. Masud lived in that cave for 4 years. He was given a coin with a name on it, and told to memorize that name. To sit and mediate on that name and lock it in his memory. When he was 10 years old that coin teleported him to the outskirts of the City of Waterdeep.

It was during his years living and surviving on the streets of Waterdeep, he learned the skills that would guide his life. He learned how to fight and to acquire items of worth and who to sell them to with no questions asked. He teamed with a few others now and again to pull off larger jobs and build his reputation.

When he was 16 he signed on with the adventuring group “The Single Stone” to explore the a cave out in the “Silver Marches” named the “Cave of Mists”. This endeavor did not go as well as planned. Four of the eight members died in the first encounter when the group stumbled upon a trio of trolls. Still wanting to explore deeper into the cave Masud and the other three continued on. Battling another group of trolls along the way they made it to the bottom of the cave.

This looked to be some sort sacrificial temple. Cages lined the walls and spiked and bladed chains were hung from the ceiling of the cave. This is where things turned bad for Masud, his three remaining group mates turned on him. The cleric shed her glamour and he was face to face with an Ogre Magi. The other two grabbed Masud and drug him kicking and fighting to the blood stained altar. After several minutes punching Masud into semi consciousness they strip him and get him chained to the altar. The Ogre Magi starts her chanting, slowly walking around the altar as she does so. The mists start to build around the altar slowly creeping their way down the cave.

Masud, desperate to escape, cries out to the gods for help. Nothing. The chanting is getting faster, the mists thicker and moving faster. Masud, cries out again, silence. Then a voice, deep in his mind, answers him. “Be my tool, I will aid you.” “Serve me, be my faithful and I will make you mine.” Masud screams “YES” to the voice, deep in his head. “I am yours, wield me as you will!” The shadows in the cave start to get darker, to have a substance more than darkness. The chanting stops suddenly with an exclamation of surprise. The darkness pushes the mists away and envelops the alter in its substance.

The chains burst, freeing Masud from their grasp. A Scimitar, glowing a light red appears in front of Masud. “Take me, feed me” a voice purrs the depths of his mind. “I am hungry, please feed me.” Grasping the sword, Masud finds he can see through the magical darkness as if it was not there. He also finds that he is dressed again except that this armor is different. It seems the shadows are emanating from the armor.

The Ogre Magi is hurriedly trying to cast a spell as Masud advances on her. Catching a flash of movement of to his side, Masud spins toward it, parrying the onrushing blade. Making a strike of his own, he slashes downward right through the collarbone. At the moment of the strike he hears that sultry voice in his head, moan with pleasure. The life force drained from his foe. The scimitar is now a deeper red and seems to be pulsating slowly. Masud turns back toward the Magi just as a pillar of flame bursts from above to plunge atop of him. Hollering in pain he races forward, toward the Ogre. Leaping the last five feet he delivers a great two handed blow to the Ogre’s face. As sword hits the Magi’s face, the voice in his mind screams in pleasure so intense Masud finds himself, greatly aroused. Some of the intense emotion being transferred from the sword to Masud as healing. The sword is now throbbing in his hand and is the color of the deepest red. Pulsating even more rapidly than before. The Magi lay’s dead upon the floor, head cleaved on the bias. Drained completely of its life force, like the man before.

The shadows start getting deeper and moving and swirling around Masud. He seems to be moving forward at a great speed, up the cave past the bodies of the trolls and his fallen companions. Out into the night sky and then darkness.
Masud awakes in his inn room, in the Golden Tap inn. Laying in bed with a beautiful pale skinned half elf female. It has been 3 years since that day in the cave. The day that changed Masud’s life. He longs to be reacquainted with that sword again, such a perfect beauty that sword was.


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