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It is not known where Llwyd was born or exactly who his mother or father is.  There are a few rumors floating around about it though.  The one that holds the most precedence is he is the child of the Red Knight and Torm.  It is said he shares a very strong resemblance to them both.  This is an unconfirmed rumor but altogether likely one.  Both have come to his aid on a couple of different occasions the Red Knight to offer tactical advice to replace the bad tactics Llwyd was about to employ and would have surly seen his demise and those in his command is one example.  Torm was said to appear another time when Llwyd, the last defender standing in defense of a fort was about to fall, appeared and stood over him while he regained himself.


While only 3 days old Llwyd was dropped off on the steps to the Great Temple of Tempus on the Plane of Limbo.  The priests guided by Tempus took the child in and raised him as a child of the church.  As Llwyd was growing up, he had many different teachers and mentors that molded his perspective about life.  Once he was a little older he traveled quite extensively with various different priests.  This exposed him to the many different Planes of existence.  It was on one such trip that he met the Lady of mysteries, Mystra.  He fell in love with the Goddess at first sight and still to this day is infatuated with her.  He will go out of his way to aid her priests if he can and it will not directly interfere with his Gods orders.  He hopes that in adding her followers it will win him her favor and affection.

*Llwyds Last Battle before currect events*

 Llwyd was assigned to a small temple to his god Tempus on the world of Faerun.  Having been sent there from the great temple in Limbo where he is from.  He was to act as the liaison to the High Priest General and the Cleric in charge of the temple in Shadowdale.  This was a high honor for one of his rank and was a reward for his heroics in numerous battles.  Having served six months of his one year service to this temple he was visited by the Avatar of Tempus himself.  The god directed him, his voice ringing in the vaults of his mind “I have need of your service Llwyd, Go forth from this temple and travel North to the edge of the great desert.  There you will find a army that is in serious need of your leadership.  I have heard the cries of my followers and send you as the answer to their pleas.  Go forth and my you find glorious battle!”  

Llwyd left that same night finding his gear readied on a great white warhorse, a white so pure and bright it seemed to glow in the darkness of the night.  Not knowing truly how, he headed in the direction of the army in need of his services.  Having ridden for 4 days he knew this stop for the night would be his last.  After fixing camp Llwyd went to sleep and dreamed of battles he fought in, in the past.  Waking before dawn he girded himself in his armor and then drawing his weapon knelt in prayer.  “Oh Tempus my lord, let me fight with honor and courage, let my blade strike true!  Lord if I am to die in this battle then let me send numerous opponents before me to tell the tale of my death!  Let their blood feed the hunger of my battle lust!  I shall bring honor and glory to your name be it with my life or my death!  Standing Llwyd went to his mount and un furled his battered and bloodstained banner. Flying the banner with the symbol of Tempus proudly displayed he mounts his horse and heads off to the sound of battle in the distance.

After around 30 minutes of hard riding Llwyd crests a hill and see the battle below.  The two forces engaged in bloody battle, he readies his shield and draws his sword then spurs his mount forward and heads to the fray.  Crashing into the rear of a small flanking force he cuts his way to the commander of the force.  With no time for formal introductions Llwyd turns and heads back to the battle.  The fighters seeing the banner of Tempus rally themselves and Llwyd back  into the fray.  Llwyd lead charge after charge until the line broke and fell back to their side.  Today’s battle is over.  Now that time permitted Llwyd reports to the force commander, a short, fat and sweating man dressed in red hued plate armor that shows no sign of ever being in battle.  This man and I use the word loosely, was berating his lieutenants for loosing men and not falling back.  How can he return home with no troops if they get them all killed?  Who will protect him on tomorrows retreat?  Speaking up, Llwyd says “ Milord all is not lost, Tempus is with us!  I have been sent to aid your fight and bring victory to Tempus, and um..   yourself Milord.  Who are you?  ..  Paladin?  No Milord I am no Paladin, I am a battle priest of the Lord Tempus, lord of battle!  I am Llwyd Starphyre, Battle Lieutenant of the Celestial Temple, liaison to the temple in Shadowdale.  I am here to join the fight Milord and to answer the call of the brave and loyal worshipers of my lord Tempus”.  You are welcome to join my troops priest but I think you would be better served staying by me and not in the battle.  Your dismissed.

Llwyd left the command tent fuming at the cowardice of this… noble.. this man…   Finding a open spot among the soldiers Llwyd set his tent up.  The soldiers started coming to him to ask for blessing and prayers for tomorrows fight, to ask for encouraging words and a rebuilding of their faith.  After offering prayers with the last soldier left, Llwyd, went to sleep.  With what seemed like only minutes of sleep Llwyd awakes to great shouting and voices tinged with fear.  Stepping out of his tent he sees the reason for the alarm, they are surrounded.  It seems that the during the night, the other force committed the rest of its forces and was reinforced by, Orcs.  Equipping his gear, Llwyd heads to the command tent for orders.  “The Scouts have not returned Milord” says one Lieutenant.  “Were doomed, doomed!  There is no hope!  We should surrender, yes that’s what we will do!” Says the Lord.  Suddenly horns start blowing throughout the camp.  “They are attacking!” Yells the Lord, “Were doomed!”

Heading back outside the tent, Llwyd sees the soldiers engaged in open fighting just outside the camp, their Sergeants screaming, trying to get them into their formations.  The battle rages on for a few hours then the attacking force pulls back to refresh it’s troops.  They are now just outside the camp now, the next fighting will be in the camp it’s self.  The Lord send out a parlay flag and the other side answers the question by shooting the flag carrier and killing him.  Turning to look at the Lord, Llwyd says “Gird yourself Milord, Tempus is with us!”  Llwyd then goes about the camp healing the most serious wounded and then the other lesser wounded.  Coming back to center of the camp Llwyd climbs up on a bench.  Looking out at the soldiers, Llwyd raises his voice and speaks.  “What a glorious day for a battle!  What a glorious day Tempus has blessed us with!  There is no better way to offer our prayers to Tempus than in beautiful battle!  Tempus is with us!”  Llwyd draws his sword and it bursts into flames, “Tempus is with us this wonderful day!  Though we may all fall this day let us send forth a welcoming force of our fallen foes, to sing our praises to our Lord Tempus!  Gather your weapons, and arm your shields!  Ooh Lord Tempus guide our blades, lets us die in honor and glory in your eyes!  What a glorious day my fellows! “

There was much shouting and sword bashing against shield!  The soldiers were ready and none too soon, attacking into the camp was the enemy!  The battle was like all battles, noisy with blade upon blade, the crashing sound of shields blocking blows and the cried of fallen.  The fight was now at the command tent, arrows flying Llwyd raises his shield and the arrows veered away from him.  No time to wonder how that was, Llwyd was engaged with multiple foes.  An arrow flies and pierces the throat of the cowardly lord who was hiding in the back of the force.  The battle rages on for hours, their forces whittled down to even smaller then before the survivors fight on.  Then out in the distance, Horns sound!  Cavalry charging!  Hitting the enemy flank!  The scouts!  They must have gone for aid!  “Tempus is with us!  Fight my friends, fight!”  

A huge man makes his way up into the fight and attacks Llwyd.  Llwyd struggles under the blows from this giant of a man armored in evil looking spiked armor, stained with blood and a brown slime.  Singing a battle prayer to Tempus, Llwyd counters blow after blow from that wicked looking great sword.  Blocking one blow it skips off the edge of the shield and cuts into Llwyd’s leg sending out a gout of blood!  Going down to one knee the giant of a man rushes Llwyd, sword raised above his head for a great blow.  Llwyd tucks under the onrushing sword and rolls to his feet, gritting his teeth in pain from his leg.  Calling out “TEMPUS” Llwyd swings his blade for all his might and sinks it into the side of the giant of a man, splitting him in two.  A great hush falls over the opposing army, their Champion is down.  They rush in, in anger, Llwyd is surrounded!  He blocks and parries what he can but there are too many!  The enemy falls to his blade but more replace them, blades bite him left and right, he hears help coming but it is too late, he falls…

Llwyd awakes in a brightly lit tent, the tingling taste of a healing potion in his mouth.  A tall, and beautiful woman approaches from the other end of the tent.  “Well met Priest, I am Knight Captain Alenda Hawkstone, Purple Dragons of Cormyer.  I am sorry we did not arrive sooner before you fell.  The soldiers wish to see you when you’re ready”.  Llwyd stands and heads out of the tent, to the eruption of cheers and chants of his name!  One of the Lieutenants approached carrying a suit of red armor, “Sir we wish you to have this armor, for no one deserves it more.  Please accept it as our thanks for your inspiring words, the help in the reaffirmation of our faith, and the reclaiming of our honor!”          

* End of Battle Story*


Llwyd stands a well muscled 6'2" tall. He has amber colored eyes, and tanned skin. He wears his bright golden colored hair around shoulder length with the front pulled back into a ponytail. If he is not wearing his armor, he dresses in bright crimson and black with his gods holy symbol proudly displayed on a tabard or just above the left breast.  He is armored in deep red full plate that was a gift from some of his men.  He carries a Kite Shield with the emblem of Tempus emblazoned upon it.  His one weapon of note is a very large bastard sword that he wields 1 handed but is capable of using two handed as well.  This bastard sword has been touched by the hand of Tempus and blaze’s with a holy flame.   



Bio still in progress of developement


Llwyd Lluyn (Inactive)

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