Clueless and on a Mission


Standing at over seven feet tall with massive wings and a rather long tail, Karesh has a pretty hard time blending in where-ever he goes. His draconic features and red scales – ranging from a dull blood to a bright fiery red-orange – have already left him mistaken for an Abishai more than once since arriving in Sigil. The gold-inlaid black steel of his armor further ensures his lack of subtlety, though the massive sword on his back implies a certain lack of concern for such things. The few possessions he seems to own hang from his equipment harness, naught but a few pouches and a rather heavy, metal-bound tome.


Newly arrived in the City of Doors, Karesh has only been on the Planes for four days and already seems somewhat underwhelmed. A Draconian, his primary experience has been of the local drinking establishments (“ Not too bad ”) and of the local street toughs (“ Pretty pitiful ”). He’s curious and somewhat wary of the whole thing, though – Sigil isn’t quite what he would have expected for all the reputation its denizens give it.

His first acquaintances so far have been a mixed bag. I mean, there’s Llwyd – a priest of Tempus (“ Who? Whatever, he’s not too bad if you can get him to stop talking about his god ”); there’s Taiya, a barmaid in his current favorite tavern – probably not a coincidence; and there’s Kara, a battle cleric of Thor (" Just as insane as Llwyd, but female, and therefore infinitely more forgiveable ”).


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