Eachra Branogeni


Eachra stands a striking 5’1” tall and looks to weigh around 70 pounds. She has long hair of Raven black that glints blue in the light of the sun. She wears her hair in a braided ponytail and her only other air adornment is the feather of a red hawk. She can be found wearing intricately made chainmail draped in a sky blue tabard with a image of a storm cloud and lightning bolts. She arms herself with a spear adorned with feathers and beads. She has a quiver that hangs at her waist stocked with javelins and sometimes she can be seen armed with a long sword. When not adventuring or when attending to her clerical rites she can be found in a sky blue robe with her unbound hair flowing freely.


Eachra was born into the church of Aerdrie Faenya. Her mother is a Cleric of Aerdrie Faenya and her Father a Druid of the same. She grew up in the plane of Arborea where a small group of her people was sheltered by their goddess during the attacks from the Chromatic Dragons on Faerun. They were able to survive the worst of the attacks by the grace of Aerdrie Faenya and the home she provided for them.

Eachra Branogeni

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