Arkail Jorgen (Inactive)

Tall weather hardened human with a short blonde beard, straight medium length hair, and blue eyes.


Arkail stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches. He is handsome for one of the northern barbarian tribes sporting medium length blonde hair, short beard, and insightful blue eyes. He often catches others off guard when he speaks in that he is able to talk eloquently when he chooses. Weapons adorn his body. Axes the favored weapon of his people can be found on his belt and back strap as well as a curved bone longbow. Hardened leather armor and a patched rabbit skin short hooded cloak drape from his frame. He stands and walks proudly but not arrogantly.


Arkail grew up in the fortress town of Darmshall in Southern Vaasa on the Prime Material Plane known as Faerun.

His family were a tribe of tundra nomads who had for 25 generations weathered the stark bleakness of Vaasa by hunting, gathering, fishing and then moving on. When he was only a few months old an orc/goblin contingent led by an orog warlord name Straj Zog invaded southern Vaasa and slew half of his tribe. Fleeing for their lives, the remainder of them made their way to Darmshall where they were given shelter. As the months passed the tribe began to integrate itself with the locals of Darmshall and they started setting up shops, guilds, and within a year most had decided to stay in Darmshall and abandon their nomadic ways. Arkail was the first child of his clan to grow up in Darmshall. He hunted with his uncles and cousins as a child and had a natural artistic talent for expression. He learned the basics of language and writing from a scholar in Darmshall in return running errands for him. He joined the Darmshall standing forces at age 14 and learned quickly that he was one of the strongest of them. 5 years later the attacks came. Straj Zog had his heart set on razing Darmshall in the name of Grummsh – the Orc god of Destruction. Arkail took to the field with his brethren and battled for 4 days against the seemingly unending waves of goblin and orc warriors. When it was over Darmshall still stood. Arkail then took to the pen writing poems of bravery and tragedy of his people. His works and stories were told throughout the town inspiring the populace. The leader of Darmshall, Romas Thunderclap bestowed upon him the title of “Skald” meaning poet. By spreading his love for stories Arkail embarked often on journeys to forge more stories for the people. Over time he found that through his
expression, he could will into existence arcane sorceries.

His journeys led him south one summer when the snow had melted from the Galena mountain range. He had dwarven friends there that had uncovered an ancient relic from a long buried dwarven hall. Thinking the relic could be full of stories and legend Arkail traveled there to meet with his friends. When shown the relic, Arkail felt a strange connection to it. As he reached out to touch it a blast of bright light shot from the relic creating a portal leading to an unknown place. Curious but not foolish, Arkail peered through carefully and eventually entered Sigil. The portal led to a sewer enterance of Sigil in the hive area. Arkail found his way to the surface and slowly over time learned the strange dialect, customs, factions, and politics of Sigil. He returned home often through the portal and dwarven expedition teams began flowing through as well seeking opportunity to sell their goods. Now at the age of 30, Arkail spends most of his time in Sigil at a new establishment called the Bar of Belief. He has 2 friends in Sigil in the great bazaar who sell him wares or information should he request it:

Dwarven Merchant “Genri” (From Galena Hall): Level 1 Fighter: sells gems/jewelry at the bazaar.
Human Female “Sasha” (Unknown Origin): Level 6 Rogue: sells information on city dealings near the bazaar.

Alusair and Arkail have seen each other before at the bar of belief but never formally spoken. She always seemed pre-occupied or annoyed by an elf companion of hers. He had a feeling that her story was to be a great one and wanted to know how it played out.

Arkail Jorgen (Inactive)

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