Van Kellias

Standing just short of six feet, Van Kellias always seems at ease, even when he is on guard.


Race: Aasimar Sex: Male Class: Dragoon Alignment: Chaotic Good Height: 5’11” Weight: 199 pounds Level: 3 (Levelled to 4) [6000 xp]

Stats: Total: Bonus: Str: 18 18 (+4) Int: 13 13 (+1) Wis: 14 (+2 Racial) 16 (+3) Dex: 15 15 (+2) Con: 16 16 (+3) Cha: 14 (+2 Racial) 16 (+3)

HP (d12): 29/31 AC: 12 Base Attack Bonus: +3

Base saves: Fort: +3 +3 Ref: +1 +2 Will: +1 +3

Resistances: Acid 5/- Cold 5/- Electricity 5/-

Feats (Class): Martial Weapon Proficiencies – All simple weapons, all martial weapons, all armors, and all shields, including tower shields. Aerial Attack (Current Bonus – 1d6) – Dragoons are skilled at attacking in mid-air. If the dragoon takes an attack action or full attack action immediately after jumping at least 5 feet forward or upward, or after falling at least 5 feet, or after flying at least 5 feet in any direction, he or she deals an additional 1d6 points of damage with each attack during that action. The attack or attacks must come on the same turn and follow immediately after jumping, falling, or flying at least 5 feet of distance on that turn. The bonus damage does not apply if the attack misses. It is not multiplied on a critical hit. Mighty leap – Dragoons are all well-trained or well-practiced in jumping techniques and exercises. They receive 1 free rank in the Jump skill at each level in this class, but this will not increase their rank in the skill beyond the maximum for a class skill. Jump is always considered a class skill for the character, even with other classes, after he or she becomes a dragoon. In addition, the dragoon receives a +5 competence bonus on all Jump skill checks. Lastly, the dragoon’s maximum jumping height and distance is double the normal limit. Mighty Leap is an extraordinary ability. Skill Focus (Jump) – +3 on all Jump Checks Athleticism +4 – Dragoons develop a lot of leg strength, and some significant upper-body strength as well. They receive a +4 competence bonus on Climb, Swim, and Tumble skill checks

Feats (Level): Combat Expertise – Hold the Line – You may make an attack of opportunity against a charging opponent who enters an area you threaten. Your attack of opportunity happens immediately before the charge attack is resolved.

Racial Abilities: Outsider (Immune to abilities which affect Humanoids) Darkvision (60 Feet) +2 to Spot and Listen Daylight Spell (1/Day, Caster Level is Character Level)

Languages: Common Celestial Draconic (Bonus)

Skills: 0/18 total ranks (Max is Level +3) (class) Type Investment Skill/Race/Ability Total Balance – Dex – 2 +2 4 Climb – Str – 4 +4+4 12 Craft – Int – 0 +1 1 Escape Artist – Dex – 0 +2 3 Intimidate – Cha – 1 +3 4 Jump – Str – 3 (+3)+3+4 13+5 Knowledge (Arcana) – Int – 1 +1 2 Knowledge (History) – Int – 2 +1 3 Listen – Wis – 2 +2+3 7 Profession – Wis – 0 +3 3 Spot – Wis – 1 +2+3 6 Tumble – Dex – 2 +2+4 8 (cross-class) Swim – Str – 0 +4+4 8

Equipment: (Melted)Halberd (1d10, x3 Critical, 12 pounds) +4 from Str, + 2 From Two handed Breastplate Broadsword (2d4, x2 critical, Critical on 19-20) Harnesses/belts 5 Platinum 66 Gold 273 Silver 16 Copper Small metal shield Three Daggers A Dagger Wanted Poster: WANTED, ANARCHISTS: DEAD OR ALIVE. FIFTY GOLD A HEAD. BODY REQUIRED. Wanted Poster: WANTED, INFORMATION LEADING TO THE CAPTURE OF, OR THE APPREHENSION / DEATH OF MAEDROS KOLSTADT, KNOWN DOOMGUARD, SUSPECTED IN THE SLAUGHTER OF UNKNOWN NUMBERS OF CIVILIANS IN THE HIVE AND STEALING A SHIPMENT OF GOLD FROM THE LAWFUL KEEPERS OF ORDER OF SIGIL

Collecting Equipment (Vials, flasks and beakers)

[Given to Kelli] Pouch of Powdered Vargouille (For Kelli) Pouch of Ettin Dust Pouch of Powdered Ettin Lungs Vial of Babau Blood Vial of Babau Dissolving Slime


Appearance: Standing just short of six feet, Van Kellias always seems at ease, even when he is on guard. His crystal blue eyes never dart about, but make rather sweeping motions, taking in vast expanses of the local geography. When he’s standing, he casually leans against his halberd, his feet idly crossed. His bronze hair is neatly combed back, yet there are always a few strands which find themselves annoyingly splayed over his right eye.

Van is garbed in a navy blue shirt, cut close to his form, and stitched tightly together with dark leather, over which fits a suitably polished breast plate. His pants, simple, gray, and loose fitting, still manage to showcase his powerful leg muscles. They are secured with a simple black belt, which is overlapped by a sword belt. On this belt, slung parallel to his waistline, along his back, is a broadsword, which rarely seems to be unsheathed, and a dagger, slung above his left thigh. Another belt, apparently stitched into the right pant leg, contains the sheath for another dagger. Wherever his skin is uncovered, however, radiates a healthy, though seemingly unnatural, almost golden glow.

A combat harness fits tightly over his breastplate, allowing a dagger to be fastened, handle downwards, in front of his left shoulder, for easy access. Attached between the belt and the harness is a sling, on which is attached his coinpurse, which is usually fastened to the front of his belt, but it can move freely when tugged loose, so that funds can be easily accessed. Looped around the other belt is a small collection of fasteners, used to hook new acquisitions to his harness.

His boots, with heavy tread, tend to crumple to halfway up his calf, and are made of a nice black leather.

Accompanying him, in a simple, cute, yet flouncy dress, seemingly brand new but with already a few smudges on it, is a pretty gnome, reaching 3’6” with long red hair, done up into two tails which are pinned out of the way of her face. Adorning the top of her head, aiding in pinning hair away from her face, are an enormous pair of goggles. Regardless, they seem like they would fit her rather well. In one hand is a rather lengthy tome, which she grips tightly. The other hangs loosely at her side.

From the way Van looks at her, they might have been holding hands until just before they walked into the bar. Or maybe not. They head over towards your table, after spying no other spare seats.

Van Kellias

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