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Not an adventure log - Take 1
What? its a work party.

Principal focus:
Article, the Second;

1.) Reworking alignment

Re-working character alignment to include different measures to different sub-cultures, species, nationalities and what-have-you, with the original Alignment being the character’s position on the good-evil and law-chaos axis of his own home culture / nation.

Completed – To Be found under Character’s Reputation link, under Cast of Characters

Location and layout suggestions required for progress to be made – A

Article the first;

Changing main page, replacing (?) with two sections → “Fluff” and gameplay related crunch topics. Done, with potential expansion capability to a third or fourth section vis-a-vis new portal additions.

1.) To move into “gameplay” →

  • Timeline (tentatively to be expanded to include direct linking to chat logs)
  • Cast of Characters
  • Laws of the Multiverse
  • Weapons of the Planes
  • Artifacts
    and possibly
  • Mercenaries, Merchants and More
  • The Pantheon of Deities

This’ll get all the relatively important sections grouped together where things can be relatively easily found. Stats, house rules, the chat logs, etc.

2.) To move into “fluff” →

  • Legends
  • Memorable Quotes
  • The Factions
  • Sigil
  • The Outer Planes
  • The Inner Planes
  • The Prime Material
  • BttS 2.0
    and possibly
  • Mercenaries, Merchants and More
  • The Pantheon of Deities

This would move all the less immediately important information together as a reference, but without bogging down more frequently relevant sections during game play.

Article, the Second;

1.) Reworking alignment

Re-working character alignment to include different measures to different sub-cultures, species, nationalities and what-have-you, with the original Alignment being the character’s position on the good-evil and law-chaos axis of his own home culture / nation.

Session 1 - Islas - Arrival
In the Plane of Water, some trades are more than you bargained for.

In which our adventuring crew, Eachra, Relaeryn, and Arithel arrive to deliver a package to the harbormaster of Islas. After locating him in the bar of the island of Juniper Landing, the Rat’s Nest. They uncover that the package was a retrieval of a dead elf – actively tracked down and murdered. While they’re holed up in the bar – they catch a glimpse of a massive black cloud with a white patch in it. The ‘island’ the group finds themselves on appears to be under attack from a corsair’s ship.

Session 2 - Islas - Attack
The Merchant of Islas bit off more than he could chew.

In which our adventuring crew, Eachra, Relaeryn, and Arithel find themselves under attack from a corsair’s ship. The three pitch in to douse the flames of a nearby shop, protecting it from potential looters. They then make their way through town to the harbormaster’s office, trying to find the man who decieved them. They encounter instead the Day Harbormaster, a rather opulant Aasimar, who claims no involvement. They finally locate the Night Harbormaster, who caused all of the trouble to begin with. The party discovers a bill of lading containing some heavy ordinance destined for the Wind Break, a ship with a rather unsavory captain.

Session 3 - Islas - Ambush
Lurkers in the dark can be either friend or foe...

In which the adventuring party manages to make their way out of the Night Harbormaster’s office with a large sum of monies, to find the majority of the ships fleeing the port, and one lone ship coming into the harbor. The ship is swarmed with people carting ledgers. Seconds after it is boarded, a lone figure disembarks. They manage to track the figure down, learning he knows how to get in touch with the Stormtamer. They discover he is a courier names Varic, who has done some work for the Stormtamer in the past. They set out to all meet with Bartholomew that night. A ship approaches nearby – faintly recognizable as the Windwalker. They ambush some ambushing creatures, and Arithel manages to set the dock on fire. They retreat to the nearby bar, where Varic spends the night drinking with a soft-eared man, drinking to love and to long roads traveled.

Session 4 - Islas - Meeting
High stakes adventuring meets high stakes poker.

In which the adventuring party loses Relaeryn, and Arithel goes to make amends for the mistake he made, while Eachra stays in bed. They manage to make contact with the Stormtamer’s First Mate and his Windsinger. They break the news about the young elf’s demise, Lori, one of the Stormtamer’s cousins who sail with him. The Stormtamer himself sneaks up on the group and manages to sit down with them, surprising them all. Varic hands the package to the Stormtamer, who sets it on the table to open it gently.

Session 5 - Islas - Dinner and Conversation
A little wine, a little mead, a small dagger in the back...

The Stormtamer sits down to drink with the Hammerhead, Arithel, Safana and Varic. Varic hands it to Bartholomew, who tucks it away. Arithel discusses the circumstances under which the Stormtamer’s cousin was found murdered. At the height of their conversation, a strange humanoid tries to assassinate the Stormtamer. The group excuses themselves and goes to ruminate on their own. Safana discusses who the Stormtamer is, and why. The group agrees to track down the Stormtamer’s would-be assassins.

Session 6 - Islas - The Hunt
On the Endless Ocean, there is always a bigger fish...

Arithel, Safana, and Varic are sitting enjoying a drink when Eachra finally emerges from upstairs. They go to meet with the Stormtamer to deliver Lori’s body. He rewards them handsomely. They turn to finding out who may be striking out at the Stormtamer. It seems to be the Wind Break, captained by a Fallen Angel and an Arch Daemon. They determine the best course of action is to flee the Plane of Water for Ysgard. They steal a clipper and a key to transport themselves to the other Plane. They find themselves ambushed by the Wind Break in a horrible storm. They narrowly escape and find themselves on the Plain of Ida. After turning the broken ship into a Pyre, they head North, towards sounds of a large scale battle.

Session 7 - Ysgard - The Battlefield
A flight for survival meets a fight for glory.

Arithel, Safana, The Hammerhead and The Stormtamer all make their way towards the sounds of battle, dragging Varic and Eachra behind them. They note that there are two armies fighting over some four acres of land – one emblem a white cup on a black field, the other a black hammer on a blue field. They enter the camp of the White Cup and sit with a female mercenary who tells them the lay of the land. She agrees to take them to Himinborg. On the way, they are ambushed on the road. They vanquished their foes and proceeded to interrogate the lead corpse. They manage to find their assassin’s camp, discovering that they had been quite well paid for their efforts.

Session 8 - Ysgard - Himinborg
In a city of mercenaries, conflict is king.

Safana, Varic, Meich, Arithel and the two pirates investigate the assassin’s camp, with some small result. Arithel discovers a small note to one of the assassin’s wives. They make their way into Himinborg, where they are accosted by a man begging their assistance against a demon. They agree to help for some gold and 5% of the salvage. During the battle, Varic gets knocked around, but does some impressive damage, while the Hammerhead loses an arm, a leg, and his life. They stop for sleep at the “Field of Glory”. On waking, they see someone who looks quite a bit like the Hammerhead. They then discover that those who suffer mortal wounds on Ysgard do not stay dead. They go off to see about their salvage. Safana barters a deal with Meich to hire her services for 200 gold a month. They decide to hire an army of mercenaries to take Islas by force.