Planescape Campaign

Session 6 - Islas - The Hunt

On the Endless Ocean, there is always a bigger fish...

Arithel, Safana, and Varic are sitting enjoying a drink when Eachra finally emerges from upstairs. They go to meet with the Stormtamer to deliver Lori’s body. He rewards them handsomely. They turn to finding out who may be striking out at the Stormtamer. It seems to be the Wind Break, captained by a Fallen Angel and an Arch Daemon. They determine the best course of action is to flee the Plane of Water for Ysgard. They steal a clipper and a key to transport themselves to the other Plane. They find themselves ambushed by the Wind Break in a horrible storm. They narrowly escape and find themselves on the Plain of Ida. After turning the broken ship into a Pyre, they head North, towards sounds of a large scale battle.

Arithel, Safana and Varic are sitting, enjoying a drink downstairs in the morning, sitting close to the fire, as Eachra descends the staircase.
Arithel perks up, “Eachra!”
Doug (Eachra): time of day?
Doug (Eachra): NM
Doug (Eachra): I see it is morning
Arithel: “Im glad to see you are… up! Come, there is news.”

Eachra Looks in Arithel’s direction “Morning Arithel.”
Eachra moves to a table and orders breakfast
Safana eyes the newcomer somewhat curiously, glancing between her and Arithel.
Eachra moves to Arithel’s table. “What news?”
Breakfast is served – it’s a bit dry.
Doug (Eachra): I was sequestered for what, 2 days? 1 day?
‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected
Alex: 2 days.
Doug (Eachra): Okies :)
Arithel: “Firstly, this is Safana, she is a friend of Bartholomew Stormtamer. I met with the stormtamer, well Varic and I did… we broke the news of his cousin’s death… Lori that is, the one we recovered from the box.”
Eachra eyes flash in anger at the mention of the dead elf girl and the rememberance of what was about to happen to her.

Arithel: “Of course he wants his cousin returned for proper burial. And Safana and I were just discussing possible employment.”
Safana: “Pardon?”
Arithel: “Urp well I mean not employment… but aiding Bartholomew with tracking down those that have been stalking him.”
Arithel: “What that leads to I suppose we will deal with when the time comes.”
Safana smiles in recognition, “Ah, yes, that.”
Eachra: “So the Stormtamer has been located? That is good. The girl was his cousin? I have her secured still and will be more then happy to return her to her family. Then I will pray my goddess will grant me the names of those that killed her so I may feed them to the earth where they belong
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Earth? You’re ambitious, we don’t have any of that in the area.”
Arithel fidgets a bit and looks nevously at Safana.
Eachra looks at Safana “I am Eachra, well met.”

Safana smiles cheerfully, “A pleasure! Safana, occasionally called Windsinger. I’m not sure if that’s meant as a complement, or just a sign that my job is more important than my name to the locals.”
Safana: “They probably call me other things too, come to think of it.”
Eachra: “Perhaps another plan would work, if it one thing my friend Eryn taught me, plan for all instances.”
Eachra: “So what is it we are suposed to be doing for this Stormtamer?”
Safana: “Well, bringing him the body of his cousin would be a nice start. Show of good faith and all.”
Arithel nods.

Eachra: “Well then why are we sitting here talking when we can be returning a departed loved one to one that wants them back?”
Eachra stands up and looks at Safana and Arithel
Safana: “Oh. We’re leaving, then?”
Arithel eyes Eachra’s breakfast, “I guess so.”
Eachra: “Well then?”
Safana: “Okay then, if you don’t want to eat that, I suppose now’s as good a time as any.”
Eachra: “Lets go then, please lead on.”
Safana gets up and leaves, headed to the most likely place to find the family of the deceased.
Eachra statches a last bite of her food then drains her mug
Arithel: Head back to the Stormtamer’s bar.

You head there – you find it lightly smouldering, but still intact. Smoke curls lazily from the roof against the bright blue sky.
Safana: go inside, stop just inside the door and look around at the clientele.
Eachra follows behind Arithel
Half of the clientelle this morning has at least three legs, if not more. There are a few rough sorts by the bar… it looks like the Stormtamer and the Hammerhead are sequestered in a corner, having a meeting with a ravashing young woman.
Kiergath (Safana): Booth? Table?
‘Nick’ disconnected
‘Nick’ connected
Alex: Hello Nick
Alex: Table
Nick (Arithel): sorry crashed
Doug (Eachra): WB nick

Arithel: Is the Stormtamer here Alex?
Safana: Yeah.. this won’t do.
Safana: Who’s lap is most accessable? .
Probably the Stormtamer… for some reason, the Hammerhead is the one sitting in the far corner.
Safana: So Stormtamer > R Y W > Hammerhead?
GM: Yes.
Kiergath (Safana): k
Safana: Wander over to their table and make myself comfortable, but don’t make any noise to interrupt.
Safana: Target → Bart
Eachra Find a table near and wait to be introduced
Hammerhead: “No, you need to go and take care of this thing, or I’m not paying you. I don’t care how good you were last time.”
The RYW storms off in a huff.
Stormtamer: “You always did have a way with women, Hammerhead.”
The Stormtamer smiles and laughs. “And you my dear! Back to see me so soon?”
Safana: “Business I’m afraid.. Arithel’s friend came out of hiding this morning.”

Safana looks over her shoulder, finally noticing the other two didn’t actually follow her and waves them over.
Arithel heads over to the table.
Arithel: “Bartholomew, this is Eachra. How do you want to proceed?”
Eachra stands up and brings her chair over to the table with her
Eachra sits down
Stormtamer: “Eachra… it rolls off the tongue a bit. A pleasure.”
Eachra peers into the eyes of the Stormtamer " I have cared for your cousin and made sure that piece of tripe did not have a chance to have perverted fun with her. I gladly return to your cousin."

Doug (Eachra): Sigh
Eachra: “Where do you wish her layed out?”
Stormtamer: “…you have Lori with you? Young Lori… I knew I should never have let her go see her uncle…”
Eachra: “Yes, I have her secured in a protected space and with me.”
Eachra: “I would not leave her unattended, my friend Eryn taught me the value of taking care of your own.”

Stormtamer: “I would see her. You will be rewarded handsomely for this.”
Safana: “Is this really the best place?”
Arithel: “Some privacy might be best, a crowded bar is hardly respectful to the deceased.”
Stormtamer: “No, but the matters of the heart seldom make a good time or place… but your council, as always, is wise.”
Stormtamer: “Come, follow me.”
Safana hops up and steps aside.
The Stormtamer stands up and strides outside.
Arithel follows.
Eachra: “She is in a state of… She… I have her wrapped in sheets because she was deprived of her attire by that fat bastard.”
Safana follows Arithel.
Eachra follows

He leads you through the winding alleys, out to a small pier – he ducks into a small boat that appears to be little more than a dinghy. Following him inside reveals that the boat is actually secured to the pier in a more permanent fashion, and that beneath, the building sprawls out rather impressively.
Eachra: “Impressive”
Eachra looks to the Stormtamer for where he would like Lori layed in rest
At a guess, there seems to be an entire small island tucked beneath the city. You spot a few merchant stalls on your way through to a small wooden building, which the Stormtamer leads you into. Within, there is sparse furnishings and a large table in the center of the room.

Arithel motions towards the table, “I can assist you Eachra.”
Eachra: “NO, no thank you. I have duities I must attend and you are not an elf. /e softens her tone. Thank you for the offer”
Arithel nods, “As you wish.”
Safana stops just inside the door, leaning against the wall to one side of it.
Eachra moves to the table and places her bag upon it
The Hammerhead nods at Safana and steps outside the room. His steps fade away rapidly.

Eachra openng the bag she draws out Lori’s body wrapped in sheets. All the while singing softly in elven, singing praises to Aerdrie Faenya. Asking her to bless this poor girl, care for her.
Arithel bows his head in respect.
Eachra moved to Lori’s body and unwraps the face and smooths her hair, combing it with her fingers
Safana cocks her head to the side, listening but otherwise noncommital.

Eachra Looks to the Stormtamer “I’m sorry that it is beyond my power to raise her but she has been in a protected state and been preserved.”
Stormtamer: “You’ve done well. Poor Poor Lori…”
The Stormtamer snaps his fingers.
Into the room walks the Hammerhead and several people in black robes.
Safana continues watching impassively.
Eachra steps back towards the way, wary but courious
Doug (Eachra): wall
The robed ones head to the body and bear her from the room. The Hammerhead goes to each of you in turn and hands you a heavy jewelled necklace – to Arithel, adorned with white gems. Eachra, gems of black. Varic, gems of green. Safana, gems of azure.

Arithel: “Thank you. I do not know what to say this is a most generous gift, but it is not necessary Bartholomew.”
Safana peers at it curiously, then at the Hammerhead, eyebrow arched in a sort of “Huh?” kind’ve expression.
Stormtamer: “You returned my blood to me. You must take it.”
The Stormtamer seems more than insistant.
The Hammerhead locks eyes with Safana, smiles, and nods.
Arithel nods, “Thank you, I will cherish it.”
Eachra: "No reward was required for this service, I am just happy I was able to return her to her family. I thank you though for the gift and I will gladly except it and your friendship?

Eachra: I do wish I knew who it was that killed her. I would make dirt /looks at Safana to bury the bastards in it.“
”color:#660000;">Hammerhead: “If we knew who had killed her, they would be dead already.”
Safana: “If the harbormaster were alive, or if we had his body, we might find out that way.”
Arithel: “That unfortunately is not the case.”
Eachra: “Well I could point you in the direction of some fish that may be able to help you with getting his corpse back…”
Safana: “I’m not that desperate to avoid a little detective work.”
Eachra: “Unless the foulness of his being killed them all… poor fish” /sighs
Safana: “The fish here have eaten far worse and lived.”
Arithel: “We were thinking of looking into the matter of those lizard like stalkers.”
Eachra: “Speaking of killing… We are hunting someone that is looking to harm you?” /looks at the Stormtamer

Safana: “It occurs to me that that may lead us to the ones who killed Lori as well.”
Eachra: “Good!”
Arithel: “How do you draw that conclusion Safana?”
Safana: “I merely put forward a possibility – I don’t know how likely it is myself – but partly because I doubt Bart could have kept that many assassination plots from me, so two in such short succession – on him and one of his family – seem a bit much.”
Eachra retrieves her bag and reattaches it to her belt
Eachra: “I was having a similar thought. What better way to get at sokeone to put them off their game then to kill a loved one.”
Doug (Eachra): someone
Arithel: “It might help if you could tell us what you know Bartholomew, no doubt one such as you has made enemies but are there any that you can think of that would be actively trying to kill you and your family?”

Hammerhead: “If the truth is spoken, there’s only been one other, but it was over faster than it started.”
Stormtamer: “Hah! Who doesn’t want me dead? That’d be a more narrow list. Any merchant I have taken from, any man who I have killed…”
Hammerhead: “I’ve even heard wenches swear to have him killed after they laid eyes on Safana. Jealousy is a powerful motivator.”
Safana fidgets.
Eachra: “Well we need to narrow it down a bit… I don’t think killing everyone is the best way to go about it…”
Safana: “If these creatures have been as persistant as it seems, I doubt they’re simply some merchant’s hired muscle.”
Safana: “Where I come from, most merchants wouldn’t pursue a target this long if they’d made no progress – it doesn’t pay.”
Hammerhead: “Maybe it’s the government? They might be acting out, trying to destabilize his influence?”

Safana: “If not the government as a whole, it may all be the machinations of the night harbormaster, or whoever he may have been working with or for.”
Arithel: “That is very true.”
Safana: “I somehow doubt he’d be working alone.”
Eachra: “Well then maybe this will help us figure it out”
Arithel: “At his office there was a bill of lading we found.”
Safana: “This is a port town.. those aren’t uncommon.”
Eachra reaches in her bag and pulls out all the paper work from the desk
Doug (Eachra): I think I took all that along with his monies
Arithel: “True. Perhaps there is some clue in the paperwork however. It might be a good place to start our investigation.”
Safana blinks, jaw dropping at the sight of all the documents.
GM: You did, indeed, steal a rather large sum of money.
Doug (Eachra): Oh? and stwal is such a harsh word. He was dead so cant we call it aquried treasure from his tomb?

Eachra: steal*
GM: If by tomb you mean public office…
Stormtamer: “Those are… all the shipping documents… from the harbor office?”
Doug (Eachra): Well he was dead in there and buried under it so to speak…
Safana pushes off from the wall and moves to start looking through the documents.
Arithel: “I believe so.”
Eachra: “Yes, yes they are.”
Doug (Eachra): OK fine! I stole his monies after I killed his fat perverted ass!
Doug (Eachra): :D
Safana: “Where is this bill of lading you mentioned? Or, rather, which one is it?”
Doug (Eachra): and I cant blame the stealing part on Eryn either… Damn…
snatches one of the documents from Safana’s hands as she holds it up to look at it. “…this is brilliant! There’s a shipment of blood gold coming from Acheron tomorrow… we could make a killing!”
Hammerhead snatches one of the documents from Safana’s hands as she holds it up to look at it. “…this is brilliant! There’s a shipment of blood gold coming from Acheron tomorrow… we could make a killing!”
GM: Funny how you keep saying ‘his’ monies.
Safana: “Gold, gold, gold, someone’s trying to kill Bart and did kill Lori, I think we have a bigger problem!”

Safana pauses, looking over Hammerhead’s shoulder, “Although, that is a lot of gold…”
Doug (Eachra): It helps me cope with how such a bad, bad girl she is turing out to be… See if I keep thinking it is his gold then it was OK that I took it! :P
Arithel produces and hands the bill of lading to Safana.
Alex: …it’s funny… Nick tried that defense on an older character and got sent to jail for it.
Kiergath (Safana): Ahem, let me peruse my notes.. <pushes>
Kiergath (Safana): Ah, here it is!
Nick (Arithel): youll have to refresh me on that one Alex.
Kiergath (Safana): “Explanation – Theft : The true owners of any items taken is already dead. This is troubling logic. So if you murder someone and steal their belongings, it is no longer theft?”
Doug (Eachra): This is all my self defense.. I am tryign to save myself. She is already a lil crazy and the loss of Eryn has not fully hit her yet…
Kiergath (Safana): Nick – Shen tried to get out of the Theft charges essentially by saying they were cancelled out by the murder charges.
Kiergath (Safana): :P
Alex: Anyone still there?
Doug (Eachra): I am
Kiergath (Safana): we all still here.
Alex: Okay! good.
Kiergath (Safana): steam tanked.
Alex: Kay
Doug (Eachra): I am working on something about Eachra, Alex and will get you it soon
Safana takes the bill of lading from Arithel and looks it over quickly.
Alex: Something?
Safana: “Uh.. hmm… that’s.. interesting.”
Eachra: Yeah about her personality, more about her background, etc
Safana passes the bill to the Hammerhead.
Eachra: “Oh yes and were suposed to be, so I supose there was a hit put on us as well that failed because that fat bastard was supprised to see us still alive.”
Doug (Eachra): dead, were spose to be dead… /sigh
Hammerhead: “Oh piss and vinegar…”
Safana: “To think, but for my wanderlust and stubborn personality, I could still be home, married, and living a life of luxury in any one of a dozen palaces right now.”

Arithel: “It seems the night harbormaster had no qualms about calling upon assassins to do his work.”
Safana: “Yes, and what assassins he chooses.”
Arithel starts looking through the other paperwork looking for some notes the night harbormaster might have made that could give us some clue.“
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “Or having a bar fire bombed to try and kill us.”
Eachra: “Or shot with cannons from a ship..”
Safana: “I believe that falls under the broader heading of assassination. Finesse isn’t a requirement out here.”
Safana: “Fortunately for you both, neither are results..”
Eachra mutters semi out loud “damn you Eryn, you did not prepare me for all of this and now you have gone off and left me.”
Stormtamer: “Saffy, if you’d listen to my offers, you and your stubborn personality could be hitched to me and living a life of luxury!”
Hammerhead: “…Who is this Eryn? Did she get killed by Heaven and Hell?”
Safana: “But I already get to live on your ship and have people try to kill me on a semi-regular basis.”

Eachra continues her muttering “Come on Eachra lets go see the world she says… lets make our fortune and save our people from all the wrongs that are being inflicted on them by the unwashed. You never mentioned the oh and people are going to kill us part, no, not once. All I got was a damn oops…”
Safana shifts uncomfortably, glancing at the Hammerhead and then at Eachra.
Eachra looks up and around “umm… Hi.. Did I say that out.. Umm… Well then… Yes… She was, is my friend. She helped recover Lori and then she needed to go attend to some other business.”

Safana: “So no, to the question.”
Eachra: “There was a question?”
Hammerhead: “It may not be safe for you all here much longer – if what this reads is true, it might not be safe for any of us. The ”/campaign/planescape-campaign/wikis/Wind%20Break/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Wind Break came on several weeks ago and took on ordinance… and a lot of it too.“
”font-weight:bold;color:#000054;">Safana coughs and, in an impersonation of the Hammerhead’s voice, “Who is this Eryn, was she killed by Heaven and Hell?”
Eachra: “Oh THAT question. Yes that would be a no.”
Hammerhead: “It looks like we’re all being hunted.”
Safana coughs and rubs her throat, looking at Hammerhead ruefully, “I’m not sure how you talk like that all the time.”
The Hammerhead throws Saf a look that says he’s not quite amused, but then starts laughing.
Eachra: “That was the name of the ship that was on the billing sheet was it not?”
Stormtamer: “…If we’re being hunted by Heaven and Hell, I’m afraid my friend is right… we may not be safe.”
Arithel: “Yes it was if I recall.”
Eachra: “Umm.. I am going to guess that Heaven and Hell are not the planes of existance and that they are an orginazation or some such thing, yes? Because if the planes them selves are hunting me, I am going home.”

Arithel: “Lets not jump to any conclusions. All we have is suspicions at this point. If we cannot find any leads here in these papers, then I suggest we go about capturing and interrogating one of these assassins.”
Safana sighs, " ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ are the colloquial terms for the captain and first mate of the Wind Break.“
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “I see… well not really but OK. So these two people are that tough or are they just well connected?”
Safana: “Yes.”
Safana: “A fiend and a fallen celestial, if rumors are true.”
Eachra: “I mean back home the best way to kill a snake is to cut it’s head off.”
Safana: “Yes, but as my people say, never be sure a snake has but one head.”
Eachra: “I see how the nickname applies to them now though”

Eachra looks at The Hammerhead “So how sure are you of your thought on this?”
Safana: “There is little room for doubt in that the Wind Break has apparently been resupplied courtesy of the night harbormaster, and heavily at that.”
Hammerhead: “…I’m sure enough to do my duty – to take Bart and run someplace they cant hunt us.”
Arithel: Ill search through the papers looking for any clues at all.
Safana: “When did you arrive here?”
Eachra: “I think that is a good idea. Then we do not have to worry about him while we rid ourselves of these pains in the ass”
Eachra: “Three maybe four days at the most”
Safana: “So… three or four days ago, you arrived carrying Lori’s body for the night harbormaster.”

Safana: “That same day, the Wind Break is laden with supplies and munitions, courtesy of that same harbormaster. The harbormaster was surprised you were alive, implying he intended you to be assassinated.”
Eachra looks at Arithel “where is that purchase slip for the fire stuff from that store we kept from buring down?”
Safana: “That same day, your inn is attacked with fire and cannon.”
Safana: “I may be wrong or leaping to conclusions, but…”
Arithel: “I suppose I have it somewhere.”
Arithel checks his pockets.
GM: You dont find anything – you never got a purchase slip.
Kiergath (Safana): we didn’t buy anything.
Arithel shakes his head, “nothing.”
Doug (Eachra): No but he found a slip of paper saying that 3 or 4 of the bottles were given or something I thought?
Kiergath (Safana): not that I remember.. we noticed that the shelf was somewhat depleted iirc.
Doug (Eachra): Or was it that they were just missing?
Kiergath (Safana): ^
Doug (Eachra): OK
Doug (Eachra): Rewind! Stop! Delete! Play
Safana: “Unfortunately, looking through the current chain of events, I would say whether you like it or not, someone has decided you need to die. Consequently, I’d say that your best interests and ours are, currently, somewhat intertwined.”
Eachra: “I am inclined to agree with you Safana. Now the question is what do we do about it.”

Safana: “I suppose that’s the problem. We can’t fight the Wind Break, unless I’m missing something. Especially if she’s getting her supplies from Islas.”
Eachra: “First thing, we know the main target is Stormtamer so we need to get him to safty first anf formost”
Safana: “Bart? To safety? Gods, then who would I worry about?”
Eachra: “Also by doing that, it puts some distance between us and them and gives us some room to breath and come up with a plan.”
The Stormtamer starts laughing after taking a brief look at Safana.
Eachra: “We have to move now thought and fast.”
Eachra: “They have missed a few different times, they may get bolder out of desperation and make a bigger attack.”
Safana: “While it pains me to take advise rather than give it, she has a point.”

Safana looks at the Hammerhead, “You sounded like you had a plan already?”
Arithel: “I’ve heard you have an island that you call yours. Will you be safe somewhere there?”
Arithel looks around, “Is this… that island?”
Safana frowns, “Any island here, being that they’re made of wood, is terribly vulnerable to an assault.”
Safana: “Hiding out on one of them would only draw that assault – and the loss of life would be horrible.”
Arithel: “Well we could get off the plane altogether.”
Doug (Eachra): Tamer is an Elf or part Elf?
Hammerhead: “Arithel speaks wise council. There is a clipper set to leave to go to Ysgard.. we can get off the seas at least.”
GM: His ears seem to have a slight pointiness to them.
Doug (Eachra): Hehe :)
Nick (Arithel): Ysgard = beastlands or no?

Kiergath (Safana): no
Stormtamer: “Saffy is right… Leehome is too valuable to endanger…”
Ysgard is… Ysgard.
Arithel: “Good then we have a plan. Do you know when the clipper is set to depart?”
Eachra: “I can offer you safehaven with my people and my goddess in Arborea. My goddess has a realm between the border of Ysgard and Arborea
”font-weight:bold;color:#000054;“>Safana eyes Stormtamer, looking somewhat agitated at Eachra’s comment.
”color:#540000;">Eachra: “It can be accessed from Arvandor or Alfheim
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Where after Ysgard is a topic for once we’re in Ysgard.”
Safana: “My people say ‘speed comes from Shaitan’, but they also say ‘no wisdom is universal’ – haste is a virtue here.”
Eachra: “Well then, lets go.”

Hammerhead: “I can… accellerate the sailing process…”
Stormtamer: “…lets go. Lori will be safe here, and I will join her later.”
Safana: “I’m assuming you mean that like I think you mean it, not like I hope you don’t mean it.”
Eachra: “I will assit you in whatever way I can, Hammerhead.”
Safana sighs and leaves, hoping to start a major group-wide panicked flight into action.

GM: The Stormtamer and Hammerhead nod in unison. “Do you have any affairs left undone here? We may not be able to return here for some time.”
Safana calls back from a short ways away, “I haven’t been in town long enough to have any affairs!”
Eachra: “I am good to leave, I carry all I have with me.” *follows Safana
Hammerhead: “Bull shit, Saf!”
Arithel arranges the papers neatly, “No. I think we can leave at your discretion.”
Safana: “Maybe I’ve decided to change! Settle down!”
Safana stops, blinks, and starts laughing so hard she has to lean on the wall for support.
The group follows after Safana, with the Stormtamer laughing with her. You make your way to a small clipper on the far side of Islas. The Hammerhead climbs aboard – moments later, you see a figure that looks like a captain go flying overboard. The Hammerhead then waves the rest of you onboard.
Safana: “Did we just steal a ship?”

Safana: “Arithel! Eachra! Congratulations, you’ve just stolen your first ship! We’ll make pirates out of you yet!”
Eachra: “Stole a ship? Why not…”
Eachra board the ship
Stormtamer: “Safana, can you prepare to get us with the weather?”
The Stormtamer springs to the rigging to join the Hammerhead in preparing the ship to sail.
Safana looks at the sky thoughtfully.
Safana: “Not a lot I can do today, cap’n.. wasn’t expecting to leave port when I got up.”
Arithel boards the ship.
Safana: “If we had some wind to begin with, maybe, but..”
Overhead, the sky begins to darken, and the Stormtamer returns to the deck.
Eachra: “All I can give you is one gust of wind”
Safana: “Too short.”
Safana: “Oh.. thats interesting.”
‘Doug’ disconnected

Kiergath (Safana): um, we lost Eachra?!
Kiergath (Safana): DRUID OVERBOARD
‘Doug’ connected
Nick (Arithel): lol
Doug (Eachra): Umm…
Doug (Eachra): I got dropped
Kiergath (Safana): you didn’t miss anything except the sky turning kind’ve dark
Kiergath (Safana): .
Doug (Eachra): Seen that, OK
Safana: “If that cloud cover brings the kind of storm it looks like, I might be able to work with that.”
Safana: “Maybe.”
The sky continues to darken – it looks like it may be a monsoon forming.
Safana: “That may be a bit much…”
‘Doug’ disconnected
Kiergath (Safana): aiii!?
Arithel: “Are storms of this nature commonplace here? Last thing we want is to be sunk before reaching our destination.”

Safana: “Little danger of that. We’ve fought battles in worse.”
‘Doug’ connected
Hammerhead: “No, no… that’s not a common storm.”
Arithel looks for a place to take shelter below deck.
You can find someplace to take shelter – there are even sailors below to join you.
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): No freaking clue whats going on with my IP
The storm keeps growing in intensity and soon you’re out to sea, the storm swelling behind you, seemingly chasing you.
Kiergath (Safana): you loaded the wrong Eachra.
Kiergath (Safana): —
Kiergath (Safana): …neato, who’s stearing?
Doug (Eachra): thanks
Eachra: “I love storms! Looks like this day is getting better!”
Bellowing above the Storm, the Hammerhead calls out from the helm, “Get looking for a bauble that’s going to get us to the Plane of Heroes!”
Safana goes astern with the Hammerhead.
Lightning strikes the water all around you, and it seems that off the port side, there is a ship rapidly approaching you.

Eachra moves along to help look for a bauble, seemenly unaffected by the storm
Safana pays the approaching ship no mind as she sits on the deck and sings to the heavens.
Safana: Skill [Perform (Sing)] [1d20+19 = 23]
GM: Search check?
Eachra: Skill [Search] [1d20+2 = 20]
Eachra, you feel the winds around you lessen, despite the raging storm outside. You manage to find a bronze sword, nicked from ancient battles, it’s edge coated with old blood.
Eachra: “HERE Hammerhead! I found it!” takes it Hammerhead

Hammerhead: “Good for you lass! Open the portal!”
It seems that he is struggling to keep the ship on course as the Wind Break sails ever closer – the Stormtamer is gripping the railing, staring at the oncoming ship.
Eachra: “What do I do to open the portal?” shouts
All you get back is a shrug.
Hammerhead: “Slit someone’s throat? How am I to know? I’m not a tout! I sail ships, not open portals!”
Hammerhead: “Do something heroic!”
Doug (Eachra): There is a following us?
Eachra: ship*
Doug (Eachra): I hate this keyboard
GM: Yes, around when the storm picked up, you noticed a ship approaching from the port side…
Doug (Eachra): How close?

Alex: Getting close to 200 yards.
Doug (Eachra): the Ship look to be all wood?
Alex: Yes.
Doug (Eachra): HOw deep is she drifting in the water?
Doug (Eachra): lik eis she empty or loaded down?
Alex: …at 200 yards, you have no way to tell.

Eachra moves to the edge port side of the ship at a measured pace, sword heald up as if in a salute. Once at the portside of the ship she raises the sword to the sky, pointing in the direction of the oncoming ship
You see a shimmering rift appear off the port side of the ship, in the path of the oncoming ship.
Eachra: “Come then if you will, I will send you to the bottom the sea with the blessing of my Goddess! Come yea then! Come and find your death!”
Eachra spouts brave words, but mostly they are swallowed by the storm around you. The oncoming ship turns hard, missing the portal, and looses a broadside of cannon shot at the ship.
GM: [14d20 = 148]
GM: [1d20 = 12]
Eachra, a cannonball splinters through the railing just to your right, sending wooden knives everywhere.
Hammerhead: “Damnit! They’re going to cut us to pieces!”

‘Kiergath’ disconnected
‘Nick’ disconnected
‘Kiergath’ connected
‘Doug’ disconnected
‘Doug’ connected
Alex: Okay…just waiting on nick
‘Nick’ connected
Doug (Eachra): Sorry Alex
Doug (Eachra): I have never dropped before
Alex: No worries
Eachra, a cannonball splinters through the railing just to your right, sending wooden knives everywhere.
Doug (Eachra): this is the first time and it is being a doosy
GM: “Damnit! They’re going to cut us to pieces! We have to get out of here!”
Hammerhead: “Damnit! They’re going to cut us to pieces! We have to get out of here!”
Arithel looks around and turns to one of the sailors below deck, “What was that sound?”
Eachra holds her spot, still brandishing the sword
Sailor: “Cannon shot… we’re doomed… this clipper doesn’t have any cannon.”
Eachra: “Get us through that damn portal!”
Kiergath (Safana): portal = behind us… towards them. Ships don’t turn that well.

Arithel heads out on deck.
Doug (Eachra): how close now?
Alex: Holding at 150 yards, bombarding.
Arithel, you are apprised of the dismal situation: Safana is singing at the sky, giving you a respite from the horrible winds. There’s a massive ordinance heavy ship firing at you.
Hammerhead: “I can’t make that turn – and it’s falling too far behind! I’d have to turn in towards the Wind Break!”
‘Nick’ disconnected
Doug (Eachra): Freedom of movment, can I use it on the ship to make her mover better in the stormy seas?
‘Nick’ connected
Nick (Arithel): back sorry
Kiergath (Safana): neg, creature only.
Alex: Np nick

Kiergath (Safana): wouldn’t make the ship more maneuverable, either, really, which is the main problem.
Arithel: “I can take us on that ship, maybe we can take out the cannon!”
Another volley issues forth from the mass of cannons on the Wind Break.
GM: [20d20 = 180]
Arithel dives for cover
The balls rip through the sailcloth and shatter the decking – it’s a miracle nobody’s been hit yet, aside from the poor sailors below.
Doug (Eachra): They are to far away for any spells
Nick (Arithel): I have range
Nick (Arithel): was trying to think of an alternative besides fireball but it seems they are intent on sinking us.
Arithel: “Forgive me…”
Safana stops singing, “Oy! Girly! With the cleaver! Do whatever you did infront o’ the sodding boat before we all get croaked!”

Arithel: Sudden Maximize
Doug (Eachra): You can shoot a fireball 450 feet away?
Arithel: Spell [Fireball] → 1d6 damage per level, 20-ft. radius.
Arithel: Target the Wind Break.
Kiergath (Safana): yeah, you can
Doug (Eachra): Nice
Kiergath (Safana): 880 foot range, give or take, at our level
Eachra moves to the front of the boat the exact same way I moved to the port
Alex: How much damage?
Nick (Arithel): 9×6 = 54
Nick (Arithel): and I have a rod of enlarge spell
Nick (Arithel): so double range
Kiergath (Safana): range or radius?
Nick (Arithel): range
Kiergath (Safana): you don’t need it
Nick (Arithel): I know, just saying Im well within as you know.
You see a shimmering portal appear just ahead of you, just as the deck of the Wind Break bursts into flame, with several explosions running along her length – your ship barrels through the portal, causing a terrible grinding, shuddering through the whole ship, as though it were tearing itself apart. You find yourselves thrown from your feet onto the deck.
Doug (Eachra): Neat
Safana manages to make even that ackward roll look stylish.
Arithel: Skill [Balance] [1d20+3 = 12]
Above you, the sky is crisp and blue, with a hint of chill in the air. The sound of battle can be heard in the distance. There is a faint smell of burning carried on the breeze.
Arithel tries to do the same.
Alex: Arithel doesn’t do quite as well.
Safana: Skill [Balance] [1d20+11 = 28]
Eachra: Skill [Balance] [1d20+4 = 13]
Kiergath (Safana): fine, make me break out the dice.
Alex: Nor does Eachra.

Below you, you can see solid ground – a grassy plain, covered in ship-debris. You see a few cannonballs fly through the portal just as it shimmers closed.
Doug (Eachra): Were on fire?
Doug (Eachra): or is the ship broken to bits from the hitting land?
Kiergath (Safana): Uh.. “carried on the breeze”
Kiergath (Safana): the fire is in the distance
Alex: B.
Kiergath (Safana): we, however, are largely broken up
Hammerhead: “Is everyone okay?”
Safana: “Uh… definition?”
Stormtamer: “Saf – what happened? Are you alright?”
Safana: “I believe we escaped. And I’m fine. I think.”
You hear the screams of the dying down below.
Safana: “…Our ship’s crew, however, are not.”
Arithel rushes down to help the crew.
Hammerhead: “We had a crew?”
Eachra: “Damn… we had a crew?”
Safana: “No, but the ship did.”
Safana: “There’s a slight distinction there.”
Eachra: “OK, there were people then just us on the ship? Better?”
Arithel – there’s not much that you can do. The crew was belowdecks, and that happened to grind into the ground – most of them are trapped between the rocks and several tons of timber.
Nick (Arithel): can I save any of them?
Stormtamer: “…is this Ysgard?”
Safana: “Well it ain’t Water.”
Alex: It doesn’t look like it.
Hammerhead: “…has anyone actually seen Ysgard?”
Eachra: “Yes”
Doug (Eachra): Does this look like Ysgard?

Safana: “Uh.. I haven’t seen anything since I joined you lot that I couldn’t get to by ship.”
Arithel slumps down weeping for the dead.
Alex: Well, a little bit.
Eachra: “Yes this looks like the place, where exactly I have no idea.
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>The Hammerhead slumps down on the edge of the clipper, looking at the dirt below.
”color:#660000;">Hammerhead: “Not sure I like this land-sea idea.”
Doug (Eachra): Having traveled the upper realms a bit, Arborea, the beastlands and Ysgard. Do I see any thing that lets me know where we “may” be? What direction a setlement might be as well?
Eachra: Skill [Wilderness Lore] [1d20+17 = 20]
The Stormtamer finds Arithel and pats him on the shoulder. “Nothing to be done… they knew the risks when they signed on. We can’t save them, but maybe their gods can.”
Safana drops down from the wreckage to Arithel, “There was nothing we could do for any of them – if we hadn’t used that portal, we’d all be worse than dead, them as well.. you don’t know what happens to prisoners on the Wind Break.”
Eachra: Skill [Knowledge (Nature)] [1d20+13 = 16]
Alex: You think it may be the Plains of Ida, from what you’ve heard of it.
Arithel: “We cant just leave them here though.”

Arithel: “Does anyone lay claim to this land?”
Arithel: “If not we can bury them here.”
Eachra: “I would have figured we would have come out onto a waterway
”color:#660000;">Stormtamer: “I think… from the sounds out there… Everyone lays claim to it… there was fighting in the distance. They’ve been buried with the ship… that’s what all sailors want.”
Safana: “Perhaps we would have, if we’d actually known the details of using the portal key.”
Hammerhead: “At least we’re here.”
Eachra: “I know nothing about the arcane” /sighs
The sounds of death below have ceased. All is quiet but those above.
Safana: “Where I come from, a pyre is traditional for a mass burial – we could light the ship.”
Eachra: I am thinking this is the plains of Ida.
Eachra: These grasslands surround most of the city of Asgard if I remember correctly
Arithel turns to Hammerhead, “Why did we have to steal that ship, could we not have booked passage? Why was that ship after us?”
Arithel takes a deep breath.
Safana: “That ship was after us because it was the Wind Break, and it was apparently hired to kill you and us as well.”

Hammerhead: “The captain was being difficult – I tried to book passage, but he refused me.”
Safana: “We could not book passage because then we would have been caught in port, at anchor, and the same thing would have happened, except MORE damage would have been done to Islas and its people, and we would be dead as well.”
Arithel nods solemnly, “But all this death, its so unfair…”
Eachra: “I will ask Aerdrie to take those she can and guide the others to their gods.”
Safana steps away from the group and begins casting a spell.
Eachra moves down to the ship and says prayers for the dead
Arithel stands near Eachra and repeats her prayers.
Safana stands there a moment, watching Arithel and Eachra as a globe of purple-black flames crackles and dances across her hand, sighing in frustration.
Arithel: Return to the group when Eachra is finished.
Eachra moves back up with the others
Safana blows the sphere from her hand, sending it streaking into the wreckage.

You quickly move away from the ship, and as you are doing so, the fire manages to catch one of the rum barrels belowdecks. It ruptures and sends out a massive shockwave that bowls you all over. Luckily too, as the rest of the barrels of alcohol go up, and soon the pyre is blazing away merrily.
The Hammerhead, after pulling himself to his feed, proclaims, dumbfoundedly, “…you mean.. all the rum is gone as well…?”
Arithel: “Let us go.”
Safana: “Yes, all the rum’s gone.”
Safana: “Lets get out of here.. the smell will draw scavengers.”
Safana: “Nevermind the fire.”
GM: Where do you head?
Directions are: Towards the battle, towards the smoke, east, and Dennis.
Kiergath (Safana): Dennis!
Nick (Arithel): dennis lol
Eachra looks arounf doe any signs of people living inthe area
Eachra: Skill [Wilderness Lore] [1d20+17 = 27]

It seems that there are people living in the North, near the battle taking place.
Arithel: “I defer to your knowledge Eachra.”
Eachra: “Well by the sound sof battle, it would seem there are people defending something, maybe a city.”
Eachra: ""It could be a good place to duck into if we can bypass the fighting if the place is not being besiged or we could be jumping from one frying pan into another"
Arithel: “Worth finding out if nothing else.”
Safana: “Guess we can always investigate – but we need to get away from the wreck.. the portal may well open here again.”
Eachra: “Or we can wander arond lost in the grasslands hoping we find Asgard”
Eachra: “I agree we have to get away from this wreak.”
Eachra: “Well then onwards to the soundsof battle it is then.”
Arithel: “North then, at least we may be able to get some directions.”
Alex: Uth is going to have a hell of a job catching up…
Doug (Eachra): Oh crap
Doug (Eachra): Yes, yes he is…
Alex: hm?
Kiergath (Safana): thats what portals are for. Just make sure to duck.
Alex: lol

Alex: Just as long as he reads the adv. logs, he’ll be okay
Doug (Eachra): Yeah
Alex: Pry the best way to catch up on things.
Doug (Eachra): It is what I did :)
Nick (Arithel): Ill message him he should be on steam now.
Eachra heads North
Alex: I can send him the log now, or he can read it when I post it tomorrowish
Alex: As it stands, I csan’t keep going, as it’s getting closer to midnight
Nick (Arithel): good stopping point.

Arithel, Safana, and Varic are sitting enjoying a drink when Eachra finally emerges from upstairs. They go to meet with the Stormtamer to deliver Lori’s body. He rewards them handsomely. They turn to finding out who may be striking out at the Stormtamer. It seems to be the Wind Break, captained by a Fallen Angel and an Arch Daemon. They determine the best course of action is to flee the Plane of Water for Ysgard. They steal a clipper and a key to transport themselves to the other Plane. They find themselves ambushed by the Wind Break in a horrible storm. They narrowly escape and find themselves on the Plain of Ida. After turning the broken ship into a Pyre, they head North, towards sounds of a large scale battle.

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