Planescape Campaign

Session 4 - Islas - Meeting

High stakes adventuring meets high stakes poker.

In which the adventuring party loses Relaeryn, and Arithel goes to make amends for the mistake he made, while Eachra stays in bed. They manage to make contact with the Stormtamer’s First Mate and his Windsinger. They break the news about the young elf’s demise, Lori, one of the Stormtamer’s cousins who sail with him. The Stormtamer himself sneaks up on the group and manages to sit down with them, surprising them all. Varic hands the package to the Stormtamer, who sets it on the table to open it gently.

You find yourselves waking up after a fitful rest – Eachra seems to have decided to sleep in today and refuses to be disturbed. You take your food in the bar below, where the soft-eared man is snoring gently on the bar.
Arithel looks outside, is it morning yet.
Alex: Yes, it’s morning.
Arithel: “I bid all of you good day and farewell. I don’t know if I will be returning. I must see to the damage done on the docks and take responsibility.”
Alex: (That being Varic’s drinking partner from last night)
Arithel leaves and heads to the day harbormaster’s office.
Kiergath: speaking of Stormtamer, there is one hell of a thunderstorm out there that started about 20 minutes ago .
Alex: You make your way to the harbormaster’s office – you find him engaged with a different ledger, but otherwise unoccupied.
GM: You make your way to the harbormaster’s office – you find him engaged with a different ledger, but otherwise unoccupied.
You make your way to the harbormaster’s office – you find him engaged with a different ledger, but otherwise unoccupied.
Alex: …also, neat

Arithel: “Sir, Id like to know the names of the owners of the ships that burned in the fire last night.”
Arithel: “And where I can find them.”
Arithel: “Also I would like to know the casualties involved from the fire.”
Harbormaster: “…forgetful men, all of them. Ragdoll, Dammard and Smythe… they’ve not been found since the fires. Quite forgetful when it came to cooking, and they loved their alcohol..”
Arithel shakes his head, “It is possible they perished in the fire then while they slept.”
Arithel: “Is there a report I could see?”

“I’m afraid that it burned in the fire as well, Arithel.” For the first time, the harbormaster looks up and you can see his eyes. They’re bright crystal blue, but somewhat unfocused, and somewhat milky. “You’re a good man, trying to make amends here. Those men were minor criminals, barely deserving of their dock permits. They would have died rather shortly after setting up here, I wager.”

Arithel: “You know of my involvement then. I… I was irresponsible and the damage I caused was compounded when I fled the scene. You say that there was no true loss however? How can that be? Even if the men were criminals they didn’t deserve to die… did they?”
Harbormaster: “Every man has a past… theirs was more colored. They were tolerated because of the services they rendered, but none here will weep for them. As long as you learn, then these men will have done some good with their last mortal act.”
Arithel: “What of the dock itself, will the taxpayers of the city have to pay for its repair?”

The harbormaster smiles gently. “Your friend was by earlier and made quite a payment on your behalf. The damage is more than paid for.”
Arithel: “My friend? Who do you speak of?”

Harbormaster: “An elf girl… she passed through on her way to hire a ship.”
Arithel: “Relaeryn? Why would she do that… uh thank you I have to see if I can find her.”
Arithel turns to leave but then turns back to the day harbormaster briefly.
Arithel: “I do apologize for what happened.”
Arithel heads out the door to the docks.

You head out to the docks to find crews hard at work constructing new docks, and even a ship being built out in the harbor. There are some ships coming in to port, but one is disappearing very quickly into the horizon.
Arithel: Search around for Relaeryn.
Arithel: Skill [Gather Information] [1d20+4 = 7]
Kiergath: .
Nick (Arithel): just rping it out
Kiergath: I’m just laughing at your roll
You hear that there was an elf girl that got onto a ship in the middle of the night and left without speaking to anyone.

Arithel: Head back to the bar.
Arithel: Look for the barista.
Kiergath: ./poke DM
Alex: Sry
The barista is there, cleaning around the snoring soft-ear.
Arithel: “Miss? Did my friend depart last night after I had retired upstairs?”
GM: Also, Varic, you’re there, in care you’re wondering.

The barista nods at you. “She sends her regards, but she was required elsewhere.”
Arithel nods, “I understand.”
Arithel finds an open seat away from the snoozing soft-ear and orders breakfast.
Breakfast is served, and it’s quite good for a seedy bar.
Varic Thorn: “So Arithel, what was the damage?”
“In case you’re interested, there’s a quite good gambling match going on at the ”/campaign/planescape-campaign/wikis/Pirate%27s%20Cove/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Pirate’s Cove on a nearby island." The barista winks at the both of you.
Arithel: “3 ships burned. Dock went to ashes as well. Relaeryn paid for the dock and apparently the day harbormaster doesn’t consider the 3 owners of the ship that died a loss as they were criminals.”

Varic Thorn: “See, I told you it would all work out in the end. Love is a powerful thing.”
Arithel: “Judging by what they consider criminals in this place, it does not make me feel better. Of course that was the night harbormaster… and it wouldn’t be right to judge the day harbormaster the same as him. Oh its so confusing and I don’t know what I should do right now.”
The soft-ear shoots up, mug in hand, raising a toast. “To love!”
Varic Thorn: “learn a lesson, all you can do.”
Varic Thorn: ’TO LOVE!“
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “I suppose I need time to figure it out. In the meantime just do what I was going to do before all this happened.”
Varic Thorn: “And I guess your lesson is fire spells and wood do not make for lovers.”
Arithel: “I take it that you still have to make your delivery to Bartholomew?”
Varic Thorn: “But what do I know, im just a courier.”
Varic Thorn: “Yes, i do.”
Arithel: Resetting Wizard Powers
Arithel: Resetting Sorcerer Powers
Varic Thorn: Resetting Warlock Powers
Varic Thorn: OOC : Sorry
Alex: Sure sure :p

Arithel: “Seeing as the only lead we have to him is that island the barista told us about, would you care to travel there together? It seems as though my two companions left on their own.”
Kiergath: only one – the other is out cold in her room, sleeping off a hangover or “communing” with her animal companion.
Alex: …ewww
Kiergath: is it still bestiality if she shapeshifts first?
Kiergath: <coughs> moving on
Alex: No.
Alex: Hm… la la la..
Kiergath: did I scare them off?
Nick (Arithel): no waiting for Varic to answer

Arithel: “Well one seems to have left anyway. The other is still in her room.”
Varic Thorn: “Sure lets go”
Arithel finishes breakfast and heads up to Eachra’s room.
Varic Thorn: OOC sorry had the whole minimizing window problem.
Arithel listens at the door.
Arithel: Skill [Listen] [1d20+5 = 18]
Alex: Hahahaha… no worries.
Eachra’s Room is silent.
Arithel knocks softly then enters.
The door is locked.
Eachra’s Room is locked.
Arithel: Spell [Knock] → Opens locked or magically sealed door.
Eachra’s Room strikes a defensive posture and makes angry room noises.
Kiergath (Eachra’s Room): err, wait.
The room appears to be barricaded from within.
Arithel: Re-lock the door and then head back downstairs.
Arithel: “Yes it appears she is occupied for an unknown amount of time.”
Arithel hands the barista a platinum piece, “Give her as much privacy as this will buy.”
Varic Thorn: “Well I’m ready to go at any moment.”
The barista blinks.

Arithel: “Thank you for breakfast. We will be leaving now. If she comes down, please tell her we went to find the Stormtamer’s island.”
Arithel: “Was that island you were speaking of the same one where the Stormtamer is purportedly residing at?”
Varic Thorn: “May you find love in your future!” Varic raises his glass to toast the Barista.
Drunk jerks his head up from a table, “To love!”
Drunk slumps, head hitting the table again with an audible thunk.
Varic Thorn: “To Love!”
Arithel: “Last thing we need to do at this point is to go to the wrong island.”
Varic Thorn: OOC : do i know which island it is?
You recall the Pirate’s Cove being somewhere in Raven’s Talon.

Varic Thorn: “well it’s somewhere in Raven’s Talon. I guess I was just going to play it by ear when I got there.”
Arithel: “I suppose we could just ask around. Let us go.”
Varic Thorn: “Agreed.”
Arithel leaves and heads for the docks.
Varic Thorn Follows.
Kiergath (A half drunk old man): misinterpretation; the proposed tavern is on another island of the city, I believe.
You head off to look for the Pirate’s Cove – it takes you a while, but you’re able to talk your way through a few persons and find your way to a crowed three story inn, stuffed to the brim with patrons, spilling out into the street.
Arithel: “I wonder why so many people come here.”
Varic Thorn: “Must be the food.”
Arithel looks for someone that works at the inn.

You manage to tuck your way into the bar, hearing a beautiful song in a strange language you’ve never heard before being sung by a stunning woman in the corner of the room. It seems there is a big crowd of people gathered around a big table in the center of the room.
Varic Thorn makes his way to the table
Arithel: same.
You make your way to the table – there’s a big burly man sitting at the head of the table with a massive pile of coins of unknown metal quality, and some gems. His arms have what appears to be blue fins made of bone jetting out from his forearms.

The rest of the table is full of well to do gentlemen with much smaller piles.
Varic Thorn leans over to whisper to Arithel “Nice arms.”
Nick (Arithel): go ahead Im afk a couple bio
The bone-arm seems to be playing rather aggressively, making some very risky bets, but it’s paying off for him.
Kiergath: There’s also a small blue skinned, black haired humanoid next to the bard, maybe a foot tall – though proportioned as a normal adult – and wearing diaphanous silks. She seems somewhat unsure whether to be more fascinated by the crowd or the bard.
Eventually, one of the high brow humans gets knocked out of the game and he scowls rudely at the bone-arm, as if accusing him of something.

Varic Thorn: “well, I’m not sure as to how we are going to find this place.”
Varic Thorn: “Arithel, perhaps you have a spell to help us out?”

Arithel: “I do not want to interrupt their game, perhaps we should just find a spot to relax and maybe ask around here if any know of who or where this Bartholomew Stormtamer is.”
Arithel: “The music is quite nice.”
Varic Thorn: “Ill follow your lead.”
Arithel approaches the bar (if there is one).
The bar is full of people – there are even three barkeeps behind the bar to keep the liquor flowing. You manage to find slots.

Arithel: “One ale, one berry wine, and an answer to a simple question please.”
Kiergath: doesn’t that usually cost extra?
Arithel puts a platinum piece on the bar.
Kiergath: ah.
Arithel: “Tell us how to find Bartholomew Stormtamer, we were told he would be around here.”
The bartender’s ears perk up as he pours your drinks.
Arithel passes Varic the ale.
Varic Thorn snatches it up and empties the mug in one swill.
Bartender: “Stormtamer? He’s not in this bar… not today, but his first mate and Windsinger are here.”
The ale isn’t too bad, but it was poured far too quickly
Arithel: “Is that them over in the game? Big guy with the bone-fin arms?”

Varic Thorn: "Let me guess, the first mate is the gentleman with the arms.

The bartender nods. “Don’t cross him if you can help it.”
Varic Thorn: “I wonder what it would be like to have fins on your arm. Must cause a hassle when your sleeping and such.”
Varic Thorn: “Oh, I don’t cross anyone or anything. I’m just a messenger. No real bother to anyone or anything.”
Arithel waits for the game to finish taking in the surroundings.
The game goes for as long as the music does – after a short while, the big man at the table stands up to a fountain of applause, shortly after the music ends.
Arithel applauds the music.
Arithel: “Lets go, now maybe we can get some information.”

Arithel approaches the first mate.
Varic Thorn follows
He shakes some hands, then heads to the bar, pointing a finger at the singer in the corner and gesturing for a drink to be delivered, slipping a strange coin on the table. A large goblet is set in front of the man and he drinks heavily from it.
Arithel smiles.
Varic Thorn approaches the arm.
Varic Thorn: “Good day sire!”
Alex: The arm, eh? :P
Arithel: “Good man, may we have a word with you?”
Varic Thorn and bows respectfully"
Bone-Arm: “Oy, wot? Yeah, I’ve got time to speak, now that I’m not concentrating. What can I do fer you boys? Beautiful music, wasn’t it?”
Varic Thorn: “Yes, I have a package for your master.”
Varic Thorn: “But am unable to find him.”
Varic Thorn: “perhaps you could help a poor fool of a courier out.”
Arithel: “That it is! Never have I heard such a voice that I can remember. Er, yes a package and some saddening news I’m afraid.”
Varic Thorn: “I bear the package, my friend has the sad news.”
Bone-Arm: “Sad news? That’s not good tidings… What package do you bear? The Stormtamer didn’t mention anything about a package..”

Varic Thorn: “I don’t know the contents. Its against the couriers code to look into or inquire about the contents of a sealed delivery.”
Bone-Arm: “Good man!”
Varic Thorn: “But I assure you it is important.”
Varic Thorn: “Well important enough for men to try and kill me over.”
Varic Thorn: “Men with books, that grasp them to thier chest when they die.”
Bone-Arm: “…that’s no good… Come, spin me the tale over a drink!”
Varic Thorn: “You saw one Arithel, I’m guessing. Whn you followed me into that bar.”
He gestures for you to join him at a table near the bard.
Arithel: “We did.”
Varic Thorn Goes to the table and sits
Arithel sits, admiring the bard and the surroundings.
Varic Thorn pays little attention to either. Instead focusing himself on bone arms.
Kiergath: oh god, OH GOD, wall of text incoming, as well as one bard moving over and dropping gracefully into a chair.
Kiergath: DM! Permission to fire Wall o’ Text?!
Kiergath: coolies, does this work?
Alex: Worked for me.
Alex: But it always does.
Kiergath: what about the other players?
Alex: Idk!

Kiergath: Nick, did that note pop for you?
Nick (Arithel): got it.
Bone-Arm: “A package worth enough to send assassins? That’s something new…”
Varic Thorn: “Not sure if I would qualify them as assassins. Not compentent enough for that title im afraid.”
Varic Thorn: “If a lowly messenger dog such as myself can dispatch one and evade the other.”
Varic Thorn: “But yes, it is important.”
Safana glances from the Mate to Varic and Arithel, “What’s all this about?”
Varic Thorn: “Ah, I didnt see you there milady!”
Varic Thorn: “Well met, wonderful show you put on!”
Bone-Arm: “Saffy, they’ve got some news and a package. The package is worth killing over. Do you know anything about it?”
Safana: “Thank you, you’re too kind. A package.. for Stormtamer?”
Safana: “And assassins involved? No, no, I don’t know anything about it..”
Arithel looks to the bard and smiles warmly, “You have a wonderfully pleasant voice.”

Varic Thorn: “Once more, assassins is to strong of a decriptor for men such as the ones after the package.”
Bone-Arm: “Hah! Something she doesn’t know for once.”
Safana: “As you wish – hired thugs attempted to intercept a package.”
Bone-Arm: “Lets see this package, give it here.”
Varic Thorn: “Hired thugs is good.”
He holds out his hand expectantly.
Varic Thorn stays still
Varic Thorn: “Surely you understand that the package is adressed to Stormtamer.”
Varic Thorn: “As impressive as you are, and as meek as I am, I cannot in good faith give it to any other.”
He grumbles at you.
Bone-Arm: “Good enough… proper courier you are… He’ll be in the tavern tonight.”
Varic Thorn: “I am truely sorry. But its the way of things in my line of work.”
Safana: “Can’t hold it against you, good messengers are hard to find – here especially.”
Varic Thorn leans back and looks at Arithel expectantly

Varic Thorn: “I am merely competent milady. But thank you for the compliment.”
Bone-Arm: “So what’s the bad news, then. Surely you can tell me that.”
Varic Thorn once more looks over at Arithel
Safana: “But do be gentle about it, we pirates are known for our tempers and emotional trouble.”
Arithel: “That I can.”
Arithel: “We fear we have come across a former member of the Stormtamers crew. She is dead. A young elven female with light brown hair.”
Safana slumps backward in her chair.
Bone-Arm: “…that’s a poor joke, friend.”
Arithel: “Our group took a job, delivering a package to the night harbormaster here in Islas. Upon arrival we discovered that the package, was in fact the body of this elf.”
Arithel: “Naturally we were appauled by the circumstance and what the harbormaster declared he intended to do with the body.”

Safana: “…naturally.”
Arithel: “The payment we received for delivery I would like to go to her family. As the only known associates this elf has was the Stormtamer, I am seeking him out.”
Safana: “What happened to the body?”
Arithel: “It is preserved within a magical device back at the inn on the central island.”
Safana: “You will of course be returning it to our posession?”
Bone-Arm: “The Stormtamer will be glad for the return of his cousin…”
Arithel nods.
Nick (Arithel): is he lying about the cousin thing?
Arithel: Skill [Sense Motive] [1d20+3 = 18]
Nick (Arithel): lieing*
Safana: lying*
Nick (Arithel): thanks
Alex: No, no he is not.

Arithel: “Then it appears I have a package for him as well.”
Bone-Arm: “Two packages… we must compensate you for that, surely..”
Arithel: “You are both… members of his crew then?”
Safana: “I expect Stormtamer’ll take care of that.. and yes, we are.”
Bone-Arm: “Aye, I’m the First-Mate of Stormtamer’s crew.”
Varic Thorn: “I have already been paid for my services, no further payment in needed.”
Arithel: “There were some abishai fiends lurking near the docks at the first scheduled meeting Varic here was to have with the Stormtamer.”

Safana glances at the Mate, “That’d be the explosion, then..”
Bone-Arm: “…so you’re the boys we have to thank for that! That was most excellent! Quite the show! And you managed to burn down the Waterbeast, which is even better! They’ve been preying on weak islands on the far reaches for months!”
Varic Thorn: “See Arithel, I told you………”
Varic Thorn: “Love will solve all problems!”
Safana: “I’m not sure I’ll agree with that one, but its a wonderful ideal.”
Patron: “TO LOVE!”
Arithel: “Perhaps…”
Varic Thorn: “TO LOVE!”
Varic Thorn: “But seriously, it looks as if your hand was guided by a higher force.”
Varic Thorn: “You can now be free from guilt.”
Arithel: “No, I am absolved of one ship, and the docks via the generosity of Relaeryn. The other two that burned I must still seek closure on.”
Varic Thorn: “You must be a patron of Ilmater, its the only answer.”

Arithel smiles weakly, “I wish I knew.”
Safana: “In that port? There’s no-one as anchors in that port regularly to be sad over – or damn few.”
Bone-Arm: “They were pirates, mate. As are we. Nobody will mourn our passing.”
Varic Thorn: “Oh im sure that is untrue. Everyone has someone… some time……somewhere…….”
Varic Thorn: “Oh wait, im not helping…”
Bone-Arm: “Yeah… I suppose you’re right. Actually why the Stormtamer does what he does. But there are some mean sons of bitches out there.”
Arithel: “Ive heard the Stormtamer is more than just a pirate. And as his crew you are fighting for his ideals. That is partially the reason I am interested in meeting him. To find out what his intentions and vision are.”
Safana nods in agreement, “Oh, far more than just a pirate. Pirate is such a harsh, demeaning term; I prefer corsair or buccaneer.”
Safana: “Something suitably noble, daring, with perhaps a hint of dash.”
Bone-Arm: “Freebooter? Right proper bastard? Womanizer?”
Safana sighs at Bone-Arm, “You have no sense of poetry.”
Bone-Arm: “You have no sense of men, girly.”

Safana: “I’ve often thought that, usually a little too late to do me any good.”
The man laughs… great and loud, almost enough to hurt the ears.
Bone-Arm: “The Stormtamer’s good enough… I wouldn’t fight for him otherwise.”
Safana glances out one of the windows, twisting a bracelet nervously, “As an aside, when are we expecting him, anyway?”
Bone-Arm: “Let it not be said that the Hammerhead is a vagabond.”
Bone-Arm: “…should be here soon… Kind of suprised he’s not.”
Varic Thorn: “Well then, if you gentlemen and milady would give me permission to depart the table, id like to get a few more ales for the wait.”
Arithel sips his wine.
Safana: “Wine. No ale.”
Varic Thorn moves over to the bar and orders lots of things, food..drinks…things.
No sooner does he speak than a chair slides inbetween Varic and Arithel, with a young looking man with softly pointed ears sits down. His features belie many years at sea, but his eyes shine like the center of a tempest. “What then, are we talking about me? I heard dashing and daring… do go on if you’d care to.” He grins, full of mischief.

Varic Thorn: “oh my!”
Varic Thorn sits back down
Safana coughs, still twisting the bracelet nervously.
Varic Thorn: “And you are Stormtamer milord?”
Stormtamer: “The one and the same. A pleasure to meet the both of you, I’m sure.”
Varic Thorn: “Please, take this package. Its sender did not give me his name or any information as to its contents. Open with care as sometimes these things can be….deadly. Not often, but sometimes.”
Alex: Also, going to be wrapping up, so if you want final statements..
Kiergath (Safana): not I
Jay (Varic Thorn): good game. No final statements here.

Nick (Arithel): none
GM: So yes… we will pick up next time, which will be in around two weeks.
GM: I’ll be in Belfast next week
Nick (Arithel): ok
Kiergath (Safana): piker
Jay (Varic Thorn): Aww, ok. well have a good trip then.
GM: with the time difference, I don’t think you guys will be around when I get off work, or before I sleep
Nick (Arithel): probably not.
GM: I’ll redouble my efforts after, you have my word! Also, I may do some work on the wiki when I can.
Kiergath (Safana): highly improbable. Well, hard to say, I may still be up at absurd hours.
GM: It’ll be earlier for you
GM: later for me

Kiergath (Safana): uh…
Kiergath (Safana): yeah..
GM: 12 pm here is 5 pm there
Nick (Arithel): which is 9am for me and uth
GM: Hahahaha
GM: :P
Kiergath (Safana): dear lord, not on weds
Jay (Varic Thorn): well it was fun, thanks once more for having me guys. Stay safe and stuff!
Kiergath (Safana): take care man
‘Jay’ disconnected
In which the adventuring party loses Relaeryn, and Arithel goes to make amends for the mistake he made, while Eachra stays in bed. They manage to make contact with the Stormtamer’s First Mate and his Windsinger. They break the news about the young elf’s demise, Lori, one of the Stormtamer’s cousins who sail with him. The Stormtamer himself sneaks up on the group and manages to sit down with them, suprising them all. Varic hands the package to the Stormtamer, who sets it on the table to open it gently.

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Session 4 - Islas - Meeting
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