Planescape Campaign

Session 2 - Islas - Attack

The Merchant of Islas bit off more than he could chew.

In which our adventuring crew, Eachra, Relaeryn, and Arithel find themselves under attack from a corsair’s ship. The three pitch in to douse the flames of a nearby shop, protecting it from potential looters. They then make their way through town to the harbormaster’s office, trying to find the man who decieved them. They encounter instead the Day Harbormaster, a rather opulant Aasimar, who claims no involvement. They finally locate the Night Harbormaster, who caused all of the trouble to begin with. The party discovers a bill of lading containing some heavy ordinance destined for the Wind Break, a ship with a rather unsavory captain.

Relaeryn turns to the barkeep, “Should we be worried?”
You look about you to find that the bar you had been holing up in reduced to so many splinters – a chipped and worn cutlass is stuck blade first in the floor, knocked loose from one of the cannon impacts.
You look to the barkeep and find that she is not standing where she once was – rather the left part of her entire torso seems to have left through a hole in the bar behind her.
Relaeryn: “Ah, well then.”
Relaeryn scoops her bag of gold back up and stows it.
Doug (Eachra): Hmm.. I seem to have left my protection from missle weapons underwear at home…
Arithel: “I suggest we get out of here.”
Relaeryn: “Seconded.”
Eachra: “Well then, lets go”

The four of you exit stage left from the bar – you find yourselves in the midst of a panicked crowd in the street. The mule that you had brought here is standing in the midst of it, confused.
Relaeryn: “I don’t need a mule. Do you two need a mule?”
You hear someone scream out in a panicked voice: “Quick, someone get the buckets and put out that fire!”
Eachra grabs the Mules tethers and bring it with us, can’t leave the poor animal to die
Arithel: Is the panicked person talking about the Rat’s nest that is burning or is there another fire?
The Rat’s nest is just full of holes – it seems that a nearby merchant’s stall has gone up in flames. The nearby blacksmith’s, with a rather overlarge forge that took a direct cannonball, is not on fire, however.

Arithel: “Im going to stay and try and help put out the fire.”
Arithel: And then I look for a bucket.
Relaeryn: “When did you become such a proud supporter of these scum?”
Relaeryn: “I’d say they brought this upon themselves.”
You manage to see a large store of metal buckets nearby – it seems that they take fires on the island quite seriously, and rightfully so.
Eachra: “I agree with Eryn”
Arithel: “It so far is only the harbormaster and ways that have proven dishonorable. I know nothing of the owner of this shop.”
Relaeryn seems about to say something, but clamps her mouth shut, teeth grinding for a moment. “As much as it pains me to admit it, you have a point. And we can’t deal with the harbormaster and his people if the whole town burns down.”
Relaeryn: Pitch in.
Arithel: Grab buckets and try to help.
Relaeryn and Arithel pitch in to put the fire in the market shop out – it seems that you are the only ones in the store. The majority of the populace is concentrating their efforts elsewhere. The merchant, likewise, is nowhere to be seen, having left his wares unattended.
Eachra: “So we are helping then?”
Eachra pitch in as well
Arithel: I will also keep an eye on the shop to make sure it is not looted in the chaos.

Arithel: And the surrounding areas as well.
Eachra puts the muel in a safish spot then helps fight the flames
Doug (Eachra): mule*
Viresse watches the mule.

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Alex: Were you saying something, Morgan?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): no?
Doug (Eachra): I was
Doug (Eachra): or trying to
Doug (Eachra): was asking
Doug (Eachra): how fast the fire was burning and if we were gettign ahandle on it

Kiergath (Relaeryn): I think your question blew the DM’s mind.
You seem to be getting a handle on the shop – and you manage to catch a few glimpses of it’s wares, such as bottles labelled “Dragon’s Fire”. You notice a few of those seem to be missing.
Arithel: Noted.
Arithel: Can I get a knowledge roll to see what Dragons Fire is?
Alex: Sure thing.
Arithel: Arcana ok?
Arithel: Skill [Knowledge (Arcana)] [1d20+14 = 29]

Arithel: “Those bottles could explode if cracked.”
Relaeryn: “How tragic.”
Arithel: “It might be if we are near them.”
Relaeryn: “It would be terrible to leave those exposed… Eachra, don’t you have somewhere.. safe.. you could store some of them?”
You see a few people peering into the shop from the panicing mob outside, but they seem to stop in their tracks when they see you inside the store.
Eachra: “Umm… Sure”
Doug (Eachra): how many bottles?

Alex: Five bottles.
Eachra places the 5 bottles in her bag
Eachra: “There, all safe now Eryn”
Arithel: “Lets be sure to return those to the store owner when they arrive shall we? It might be perceived we are looting the store.”
Relaeryn: “Yes… of course.”
Relaeryn: “We’ll make sure to give him the three bottles we recovered.”
Eachra: “I could let you hold them if you want.. you have a free pocket?”
Viresse: “Perhaps we could discuss incendiaries later, say, when there is not a building burning over your heads?”
Eachra peers at Arithel
Viresse: “As ironic as it would be, I’d rather not find out whether the impact or the explosion would kill you all first.”
Arithel: “No that is ok, you can hold them I trust you Miss Eachra.”
Alex: Point: Horse.
It seems you are able to get the blaze in the store under control just in time to hear more cannon fire. You can smell the gunpowder now, and you hear the bar next door being ripped apart.

Relaeryn: “This is beginning to become a lost cause.”
Eachra: “I think it may be time to depart”
Arithel: “Agreed, it makes no sense to repair what is being destroyed.”
Oddly enough, you don’t see any cannon marks in the merchant’s store.
Relaeryn: An interesting note for another time.
Doug (Eachra): must have stock in this store…
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Which means they didn’t hit it – someone broke a bottle or two.
Doug (Eachra): ayup
Relaeryn: “After a little more thought, I suggest staying here.”
Nick (Arithel): or it is warded somehow magically and could be a safe place to take cover.
Viresse herds the donkey into the store.
You see someone dart by across the way, by the blacksmith’s, pause briefly, then dart off. Seconds later, the place erupts in an inferno of flame.
Eachra: “Thank you Viresse”
Relaeryn: “Ah, of course. They have people in the town.. sympathisers at the very least.”
Arithel nods solemnly, “Such a troubled place.”

Relaeryn: “I care nothing for the place, they will rebuild it so long as there is trade to service.. the harbormaster, however..”
Eachra: “We will ask him some pointed questions, soon”
Relaeryn: “Assuming he survives the firestorm.”
Arithel: “True, Stormtamer may get to him first if what we learned is true.”
Eachra: “A coward like him? I am sure he will have some hole that he can hide in.”
Relaeryn: “Ah, but this raid may be in retaliation for the murder of that woman.”
Eachra: “I have no doubt that it is.”
Relaeryn: “If so, perhaps it would benefit us to find the harborman first. It seems we have a decision to make, then.”
Arithel: “Like it or not, we were implicated in her delivery to the Harbormaster, Stormtamer may come for us as well. So my vote is to act first.”
Relaeryn: “Quite, so it would be best to find him before he bleeds out on a corsair saber.”
Viresse: “Yes, quite a shame. A cutlass lacks artistry, after all.”

Arithel looks at Viresse quizically, “Very well then it is decided, shall we start at the Rat’s nest and make our way from there?”
Relaeryn: “The rat’s nest is a smoldering ruin. Did anyone notice if there were fortifications present anywhere? If there are, he will likely be there.”
Relaeryn: “If not, I would expect him where-ever resistance was being organized. Contrary to Eachra’s opinion, I do not think he is all that much of a coward.”
Relaeryn: “You don’t hold a position somewhere like this by being afraid to get your hands dirty.”
Arithel: Going to look around for the most logical place he would go.
Viresse: “Or we could simply attempt to track him..”
Viresse: “Unless you’ve forgotten how to do that, Eryn?”
Relaeryn: “Incase you’ve forgotten, this place is made of wood.. wood doesn’t leave footprints.”
You see two logical possibilities: One, a somewhat squat stone building on the far side of the ‘island’, away from the attack. The second is across one of the many bridges and back towards the main harbor, and the Harbormaster’s office.

Arithel points, “There or there are my best guesses.”
Arithel: “We could split up to cover both but something tells me that is not wise.”
Kiergath (Viresse): Which is closer? Harbor I assume?
The “island” you are on is fairly smallish – the harbor is a few minutes walk in comparison.
Relaeryn: “I’d say start with the harbor, then head to that stone structure.”
Eachra: “Sounds like a plan, lets find this bastard.”
Relaeryn: Head thattaway.
Eachra follows
Arithel: same.
Alex: Alright… Brb a sec.

You make your way through several other islands, each smaller than the last, before setting foot in the harbor. The main harbor office is massive – easily one of the largest structures that you’ve seen here, if not ever. The harbor itself is host to hundreds of ships.
Relaeryn: “….”
Relaeryn: “That little stone outhouse? Yeah. This is the real fortress, I suspect.”
The harbor spans both sides of the island, each governed by it’s own separate harbormaster’s office of comparable size.

Next to each of the large buildings, a smaller one resides.
Further on, down on it’s own separate island, is an interconnected mass of warehouses.
Relaeryn: What’s the attacking ship up to? Still hanging off at gun range?
The ship is fairly close to the island you had left behind… you see it launching boats near the tavern while still firing away – the air there seems to be cloying with smoke.
Relaeryn: “Right, decision time chaps, into the harbormaster’s offices, or back to the stone brick.”
Eachra: “Thats a good question.”

Relaeryn: “They’re landing troops, if we keep dawdling we’re going to end up fighting both sides.”
Arithel: “I doubt we will be granted entry. I can probably get us inside but once noticed we likely wont be welcome.”
Kiergath (Relaeryn): DM, door appearance?
Alex: Which door?
Relaeryn: uh
Relaeryn: main entrance
Alex: There are five relevant doors.
Relaeryn: office
Relaeryn: complex
Alex: Okay – North or south side.
Relaeryn: uh
Alex: Also, Main building, or smaller building?
Relaeryn: main building
Relaeryn: whichever door we’re closer to
The main door to the southern Harbormaster’s office is well fortified and made of steel.
Relaeryn: “Ah hmm…”
Relaeryn: “You say you can get us in, eh?”
Arithel: “Assuming there are no wards.”

Relaeryn: “Then I guess we’d best get on.”
Arithel: “Very well.”
Viresse: “I’m of little use in a corridor, I think I’ll watch things out here.”
Nick (Arithel): buff spam inc.
Arithel: Spell [Shield] > Invisible disc gives +4 to AC, blocks magic missiles.
Arithel: Spell [Cat’s Grace] → Subject gains +4 to Dex for 1 min./level.
Arithel: Spell [Eagle’s Splendor] → Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Arithel: Spell [Fox’s Cunning] → Subject gains +4 Int for 1 min./level.
Arithel: Spell [See Invisibility] → Reveals invisible creatures or objects.
Arithel: Spell [Lesser Globe Of Invulnerability] → Stops 1st through 3rd-level spell effects.
Arithel: Spell [Mage Armor] > Gives subject +4 armor bonus.
Relaeryn impatiently twirls her polearm.
Arithel: Spell [Endure Elements] → Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
Arithel: Spell [Protection From Evil] → +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
Relaeryn: ….Okay
Relaeryn: Interrupting
Relaeryn: Sometimes simple is easier than waiting for a mage to move
Relaeryn: Knock on the door!
Alex: …holy jiminy crickets.
Doug (Eachra): lol
Arithel: “That is all if you are ready.”
You knock on the door – three times, and a steel slider opens up, with two steely eyes glaring out at you. “State your business.”
Relaeryn: “…”
Relaeryn: Size of slider?
Relaeryn: -.
Nick (Arithel): lol

Kiergath (Relaeryn): schmuck
Alex: 1 ft wide by 4 inches
GM: Tried to use the tilde
Relaeryn: Does that mean I can see the guy talking to me?
Alex: Yes.
Relaeryn: What is he?
At a guess, Bariaur.
Relaeryn: So much for that. I can’t drop a bariaur in one hit.
Relaeryn: “We’re mercenaries, recently come to the town on business for the harbormaster and wanted to inquire as to if we could be of further service.”
Nick (Arithel): nice bluff
Kiergath (Relaeryn): I wish you wouldn’t use that word.

The Bariaur blinks for a few seconds. “Step back.”
Relaeryn: Do so, weapon lowered.
The door swings open silently, towards you – there’s barely enough clearance on the stair for you to not get knocked over. The Bariaur is already walking halfway down the hall, weaponless, headed towards an ornate marble door at the end of it.
Relaeryn shrugs at her companions and heads after him.
Eachra follows
Arithel: Same.

You gain the marble door, which swings inward to a very extravagantly decorated office – At a glance, you’d guess that most of the furnishings have some element of dragonbone in them. Behind a massive desk carved from some crystalline material that shimmers in the magical light of a trpped fey, sits a rather oopulant Aasimar, writing in a massive ledger.
Relaeryn: Trapped fey? We talking literally?
The Bariaur ducks back into the hallway, while the Aasimar does not look up from his book. “So… Mercenaries… you’ve come here looking for work, then?”
Alex: Yes, literally.
Relaeryn: “After a fashion.”
Alex: In a perforated glass cage sitting on his desk.
Alex: Well, it seems like glass.
Relaeryn: “We did some work for the night harbormaster, you see. Cargo transport, perhaps you’re familiar with it.”
Without looking up, he gestures to the massive book in front of him, roughly the size of a full grown halfling. “I’d say I’m aware of quite a bit of Cargo transport. This is the manifest for this week.”
Relaeryn: “Do most of your shipments involve importing murdered women for the gibbet?”
This makes him pause and look up at you, the first he’s done so since you walked in. “Gibbet?” He seems confused.
Relaeryn sighs, “The people in this city are too technical.”
Relaeryn: “Where is the night harbormaster.”

Relaeryn: “This is a simple, straight-forward question.”
Relaeryn: “We will find out from you, or we will move on and find out elsewhere.”
Day Harbormaster: “Probably in the Night offices – they’re next door. Did he fail to render payment for services? I have a discretionary fund I can supply you from if that is the case. How much are you owed?”
Relaeryn: “Blood for blood, my dear man. Are you still offering to pay?”
He pauses again, perplexed. “Gibbet? We don’t use those in town… too gruesome.”
Day Harbormaster: He looks up. “I do believe there was a shipment of blood in transit for some vampires, but I doubt that would be of any interest to you.”
Relaeryn: “Your generous offer is noted. We’ll be going to speak to your night-time counterpart.”
Eachra: Does the thing holding the fey look fragil?
Arithel shakes his head appears about to say something, then stops.
Doug (Eachra): sigh
Day Harbormaster: “I do hope you enjoy yourself… if you ever find yourself lacking employment, please do stop by again. I am sure I can find something suited to your talents.”
Doug (Eachra): Thats OOC question
The container does seem rather flimsy, yes.
Doug (Eachra): OK
Doug (Eachra): Is it near the edge of his desk, table?

Doug (Eachra): so like if I was to bump into it by mistake?
Doug (Eachra): it wouls hit the floor?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): and create a fairy soup when the glass pureed it…
In order to bump into it by mistake, you’d have to walk forward about ten feet to the desk.
Relaeryn glances at Eachra
Relaeryn: Skill [Spot] [1d20+13 = 29]
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Any idea what she’s looking at?
Alex: You get a fair idea.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): Any visible latches?
Alex: None.
Doug (Eachra): Your point is a good one.. sigh
Doug (Eachra): pick my battles, pick my battles… sigh
Relaeryn: “Quite. Anyway. Next door you said?”
Relaeryn: “Good, I’m sure we’ll meet again.”
Relaeryn: Turn and leave
Arithel: Same.
Eachra follows

Arithel: “He… must not get out much.”
You leave and head over towards the Night office – this door seems to be made of stout oak, and significantly less defensible than the main office.
Alex: …what makes you say that? Curiosity.
Nick (Arithel): I interpreted that he doesnt know much of what is going on in his city other than what is written in that book of his.
Alex: Ahh…
Alex: Good good…
Nick (Arithel): lol
Arithel: Knock on door to night harbormaster’s office.

GM: A gruff voice shouts out from behind the door. “Look up. Is it bright? Yes. We’re closed.”
A gruff voice shouts out from behind the door. “Look up. Is it bright? Yes. We’re closed.”
Relaeryn: “….”
Relaeryn: “I’m about to sick of this place.”
Relaeryn: Describe the door
GM: Oak, sturdy, no apparent direction of opening.
Arithel: “Im afraid this is an urgent matter.”
Arithel: Open the door.
GM: The door does not open readily.
Arithel: Spell [Knock] → Opens locked or magically sealed door.
The door swings open quietly, revealing three rather suprised looking half-orcs playing at cards in the hallway.
Half Orc: “…what? Who left the door unlocked? Look, we’re closed, and you don’t belong here.”
Relaeryn: “Orcs.. half.. orcs?”
Relaeryn looks about ready to bounce for joy
Arithel: “Please just tell us where the Night Harbormaster is, it is urgent we speak with him.”
Arithel: Skill [Diplomacy] [1d20+4 = 24]

Half Orc: “He’s busy – he’s not to be disturbed during his rituals. You seem like nice enough folk – maybe try coming back in an hour?”
Half Orc: “I’d go and check for you, but he’s just started, and the last one who disturbed him, well, we call him stumpy now. Not that he can hear us, what with his head being off of his shoulders.”
Arithel: Any doors in that room?
Arithel: Or other exits besides this door.
The hallway ends in a rather large, decorated wooden door, covered with a sort of cloth.
Arithel: Mentally note the distance.
Arithel: “Very well then, thank you.”
Arithel: Shut the door.
Arithel: How many minutes has it been since we entered the building Alex?
Arithel: more or less than 8?
Half Orc: Less than 8

Arithel: “Shall I transport us beyond that decorated door?”
Alex: Hm hm hm.
Alex: I don’t know, shall you?
Relaeryn: “Sure.”
Nick (Arithel): ah there hehe
Eachra: “Let us hope that it is a safe entrance”
Arithel: Take Relaeryn and Eachra by the shoulder.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] → Teleports you short distance.

Arithel: Just beyond the decorated door.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): this could be a horrible way to wipe a party…
Eachra: yup
Nick (Arithel): true.
Nick (Arithel): Do you want to rethink it?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): nah. I enjoy rolling characters
Nick (Arithel): ok, doing it Alex.
You dimension door in to a rather spartan office – nobody occupies it at the moment, but there is a door off to the side, from which you hear some sort of noises transpiring.
The door is plain, wooden.
Relaeryn: …
Relaeryn: walk up to it.
Relaeryn: It is a wooden door.
Relaeryn: It is standing still.
Relaeryn: Naginata (Full DW) (Attack 1) [1d20+8 = 18]
Relaeryn: Naginata (Full DW) (Attack 3) [1d20+8 = 15]
Relaeryn: Naginata (Full DW) (Attack 2) [1d20+3 = 11]
Relaeryn: Naginata, Haft (DW) (Attack 2) [1d20+6 = 18]
Relaeryn: Naginata, Haft (DW) (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 22]
Nick (Arithel): LOL
Relaeryn: .
Doug (Eachra): lol

Nick (Arithel): Naginata is a polearm?
Relaeryn goes all medieval on the door’s ass, causing splinters to explode violently inward, revealing a scene wherein the dead elven girl from earlier is laid out on the bed, wearing absolutely nothing, while a similarly clad Night Harbormaster is chanting , but now his chanting stops to look startled at you. He is standing to the side of the bed.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): nick, xfire.
Relaeryn: “Yeah. See, this just won’t do.”
Relaeryn: Initiative [1d20+4 = 6]
Kiergath (Relaeryn): But I’m too enraged to move quickly.
Eachra: Initiative [1d20+4 = 20]
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 5]
Alex: Eachra, your go.
Doug (Eachra): right
Doug (Eachra): wood floor
Doug (Eachra): is it?
Alex: Yes.

Eachra casts Wood Shape. Entwines the wooden floor boards around the legs and hands of the night harbor master. Wrapping them like vines upward
Doug (Eachra): I will use all 18 cubic feet
The man finds himself rooted to the spot by the wooden planks as they swarm around his feet, but the floor of the building begins to creak dangerously as several holes appear, revealing the dark murky water beneath the building.
Eachra: stop the shaping but keep him held in place
GM: Relaeryn?
Relaeryn: …
Relaeryn: how many holes are between me and my target?
Two major ones, and some weak floorboards.

Relaeryn: uh
Relaeryn: what kind of acrobatics do you want rolled to get to him?
Give me a regular acrobatty check.
GM: Balance would do
Relaeryn: farewell, cruel world
Relaeryn: Skill [Balance] [1d20+2 = 8]
GM: Can I get an attack roll, please?
Relaeryn: Melee attack [1d20+11 = 22]
Relaeryn: or weapon?
Relaeryn: if weapon, add two
Relaeryn rushes forward across the weak planking. It collapses beneath her, causing her to flail her naginata around, trying to regain her balance. She topples over through one of the holes in the floor, striking Eachra in the back of the knee with the pole of the weapon, casuing her to tumble through as well – Eachra manages to grab on with her hands while Relaeryn is held up by her weapon being across the thole.
GM: Arithel, you’re up!
Nick (Arithel): wow
Nick (Arithel): wow wow
Nick (Arithel): hokay

Arithel: Move to the decorated door and make sure it is locked.
GM: The decorated door is in another room.
GM: That’s the door in the office.
GM: But yes, it’s locked, as far as you know.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): I think he’s assuming the decorated door is on this side as well…
Nick (Arithel): just dont want to be barged in by half orcs.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): since as far as we know, there are three rooms ; half orcs > (decorated door) → room we started in → (wooden door) → holey floored room
Kiergath (Relaeryn): no?
Alex: Yep.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): its not in a different room then.
Alex: Well, okay
Kiergath (Relaeryn): -.
Alex: It’s locked.
Nick (Arithel): ok
Nick (Arithel): thats it then Im assuming thats a standard action.

Alex: I’ll call it not
Alex: I think you’d have checked when you came in
Nick (Arithel): generous!
Alex: Indeed.
Arithel: Ill delay then, not much I can do, the harbormaster is entangled and Im not strong enough to pull them up.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): you can’t actually just “delay” by the rules, afaik
Kiergath (Relaeryn): you need to delay with a condition on which you’ll act
Nick (Arithel): no thats readying and action, you can delay to go later in the initiative order unless you are already last.
Arithel: an action*
Kiergath (Relaeryn): orly? neat
Nick (Arithel): not sure if Im last, watching the harbormaster.
The harbormaster looks over at you from his wooden prison and stares in disbelief. “What are you doing here? You ought to be dead!”

GM: Eachra, you’re up next.
Alex: Unless Nick goes.
Nick (Arithel): no Ill pass.
Eachra: So I am hanging onto what?
Alex: The floor.
Alex: What’s left of it.
Doug (Eachra): Any place I can climb up?
Doug (Eachra): How much room is there?
Eachra: Enough I can get airborn?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): 12 to 16 foot wingspan on an avariel, that’s a lot of room needed.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): unless you did a lot more damage to the floor than I think.
Eachra: He said big holes so I am wondering
GM: not THAT big.
GM: The room is barely big enough for your full wingspan
You can pull yourself up to where you fell from with a str check.

Eachra: Strength check [1d20+2 = 17]
Eachra pulls herself up
Alex: Indeed.
GM: Relaeryn?
Relaeryn: Strength check [1d20+3 = 7]
Relaeryn: splash?
Not quite, but close. You lose your grip with your left hand and are hanging on with one hand.
GM: Arithel!
Doug (Eachra): Can you use a “touch” via an object?
Arithel: I will try to help Relaeryn the next time she pulls herself up, ill pull out some rope and toss it to her and fasten it to something.

Alex: I don’t believe so.
Arithel: But I will hold onto the rope incase it slips before I get it tied.
The harbormaster is struggling to get out of his wooden prison. “I don’t understand… you’re all dead! I signed the order! HOW DARE YOU BE ALIVE! HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME!”
Doug (Eachra): Kill him Eryn or Help you?
Relaeryn: …
Nick (Arithel): we want to metagame?
Relaeryn continues swearing up a storm in five different languages
Doug (Eachra): hehehe
Doug (Eachra): that was spose to be funny :P
Doug (Eachra): Can I reach out and touch Eryn?
Nick (Arithel): oh, my bad.
Relaeryn is using Celestial and Abyssal together in such a fashion as they were never meant to be mixed.
Alex: Yes, you can.
Eachra uses Air Walk on Eryn (Domain Spell)

Right! Eryn!
Kiergath (Relaeryn): now that I have solid ground…
Relaeryn: Skill [Climb] [1d20+7 = 14]
You climb up!
Arithel: Spell [Ray Of Enfeeblement] → Ray deals 1d6 1 per two levels Str damage.
Arithel: [1d207 = 12]
Arithel: might be enough considering he is prone.
Arithel: hopes
That hits. Roll damage.
Arithel: [1d6+4 = 8]
Arithel: 8 str damage
The man sags against his wooden prison, gasping. “Not possible… should be…dead…”

GM: Eachra!
Eachra: Grab a Javlin from my quiver and throw it at the Night Harbor Master
Eachra: Javelins MC (Attack 1) [1d20+6 = 15]
Eachra: Javelins MC (Attack 2) [1d20+1 = 20]
Roll one damage.
Eachra: Javelins MC (Damage) [2d6+1 = 12]
The javelin hurtles through the air, crackling with electricity as it pierces the harbormaster’s chest, causing him to sag against his wooden prison like a ragged doll.

Arithel: Head over to the desk in the room and start searching through his paperwork.
You begin to rifle through his papers – what are you looking for in particular?
Arithel: “It troubles me what he said about signing a death warrant for us.”
Nick (Arithel): the death warrant or a copy thereof?
Relaeryn: “I’m sure we’ll find out all about it before long..”
Relaeryn: Go about removing the harbormaster’s head
Relaeryn: and a suitable wooden stake from the wreckage
Eachra retrives her Javelin and then covers the body of the elven woman
GM: You carefully take the head off and get a good stake.

Nick – there is a bill of lading for a good amount of cannonball, gunpowder and some vials of Dragon Fire listed as being provided to the “Wind Break”, free of charge.
Doug (Eachra): As a heads up Leslie will be calling me in about 10 to 15 mins
The elven woman is covered up, although it seems she had been thoroughly prepared for whatever ritual was going on here.
Alex: That’s fine – I’d like to be asleep by then :P
Kiergath (Relaeryn): good place to break?
Eachra go through the pockets and pouches on the dead harbormaster
Kiergath (Relaeryn): uh.. he was nude too, no?
Doug (Eachra): I dont remember that, was he?
Kiergath (Relaeryn): as I recall, the DM said he was in a similar state of dress…
Alex: Indeed.
Eachra: Well then.. look for his clothes and other items
Doug (Eachra): and riffle through them
Alex: Did you try to rifle the pockets of a naked man? I mean, there are places…
Nick (Arithel): Ill help.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): check the stomach, maybe he swallowed something.
Nick (Arithel): lol
Doug (Eachra): No, no I did not touch him
Arithel: Spell [Detect Magic] → Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Relaeryn: Start sending him to the fish.

Relaeryn: Chop a piece off, hold it up for the detect magic, throw it through a hole as he clears it.
Relaeryn: .
Arithel: Skill [Search] [1d20+4 = 8]
The only thing magical in the room is a Sextant sitting on the desk.
Eachra: Skill [Search] [1d20+2 = 13]
Relaeryn: spiffy. Fishfood
Eachra: I am more interested in keys, money, jewelery
Eachra: chests
Eachra: but we can continue later to do that
Doug (Eachra): So you can get to bed
You find a big keyring, a fairly large chest full of carefully measured sacks of coin and gems.
Eachra: Put it in my “bag”
The Harbormaster is distributed to the bottom of the sea.
Doug (Eachra): The money, key ring and chests of money and gems
You take the cash reserve from the harbormaster’s office and secure it in your bag.
Eachra: “WHat do we want to do with her body?”
Arithel: “What are we going to do with the elven woman?”
Eachra: “A Pryar? Burn the building down and give her a decent sending off?”
Arithel: Alex is there any way I can tell what ‘ritual’ the harbormaster was performing?

GM: Without spelling it out, it seems to be a common ritual.
Arithel: Thats what I thought.
Doug (Eachra): OK there is my phone
Doug (Eachra): semi afk
Nick (Arithel): ok ttyl Doug.
Kiergath (Relaeryn): So ‘ats a wrap?
Arithel: Lastly is there any indication as to who this elf is?
Arithel: Beyond what we already know/suspect.
Arithel: As in are there any records of her in the paperwork.
Relaeryn: "No, we don’t destroy the body.. we’re going to try and return it to her companions, if we have any way to do so.“
”color:#000054;">Relaeryn: “I assume between the two of you we can preserve a single corpse.”
Alex: No records at all.
Arithel: ok.
Arithel: “We should get her to the morgue then if this city has such a thing.”
Relaeryn: “…trust a convicted pirate to the local authorities?”
Relaeryn: “You do realize we just killed and ROBBED the local authorities, right?”
Arithel: “Our only known connection she has is Stormtamer. And we dont know if he is any better than the authorities since he blasts the entire city with cannonfire.”

Relaeryn: “To all appearances, the city deserves it. And by killing the local harbormaster and saving this girl’s body, I’d say we’re on better ground with him than the local government.”
Arithel: “That is true. But how can we contact him?”
Doug (Eachra): will bodies stay preserved in a diminional space?
Relaeryn: believe so
Alex: Sure, whynot.
Arithel: “I do not think the entire city must pay the crimes of the corrupt who run it however. But you are right in that Stormtamer might be amicable to a meeting.”
Eachra opens the bag so Eryn can put the girls body in it
Kiergath (Relaeryn): do so

Arithel: “If you are ready then I will transport us out of here then.
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “
”color:#005500;“>Nick (Arithel): – 1 then
”color:#005500;">Kiergath (Relaeryn): uh, can I point out that one person is AFK and I think we wanted to break? And if we’re “done” in this room that’d be a good place to do so…
Doug (Eachra): nods
Nick (Arithel): sure good point.
Alex: Hooray!

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