Session 11 - Islas - Defense of Islas

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Nick (Arithel): heya
Kiergath (Safana): lo.
Alex: Allo!
Campaign saved.
Alex: Aight… sorry, just prepping the notes…
Arithel, Eachra, Safana, Varic and Meich wrap up their planning session, with Meich arriving with news of 500 new hires. They prepare to launch their invasion. Meich returns with a dragonborn lieutenant, and leads them to the Eloper’s Portal. Arithel, singled out as the only one capable of opening it, stammers and delays before Safana throws herself at him, sealing the opening of the portal with a kiss. They make their way to a small port on a Prime world that goes by the name of Vargarel. Varic hires enough ships for their entire crew – they set camp for the night before taking off through the ocean portal to make their way to Islas. Safana lays out the plan of attack: The dragonborn will take the armory, the half-orc will take the barracks, the woman will take the docks, and the kobold will assist in the assault on city hall. Eachra offers up a 500gp bounty to the mercenary who keeps the most of his men alive. On the trip, Eachra and Arithel discuss the history of Eachra’s people’s extermination. Safana opens up with a salvo of diplomacy, and scores full marks. They make their way past some automated constructs to confront a stunning daeva, Nuoi, and get her to peacefully leave her office. They find a room filled with a strange divine energy. Arithel discovers it to be some sort of scrying device. He discovers massive fighting in the streets, between the populace and the occupying militia.
Kiergath (Safana): jezus.
Nick (Arithel): ya
The room that you’re standing in retains the shimmering of the walls – Meich looks somewhat mystified, looking at you both for guidance.
Kiergath (Safana): I’d like a bonus level for arr-pee, plz!
Kiergath (Safana): err.. don’t hurt me.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): I may be wrong, but I believe we cut as we were dramatically running for the entrance.
Kiergath (Safana): I know I had taken off at a run
Nick (Arithel): that sounds right.
Arithel: “We obviously need to assess the situation. To find out what is going on out there. Why is there so much fighting. Only things that come to mind are either…”
Arithel: One there was unexpected resistance.
Arithel: Two the mercs have turned on each other over that gem.“
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>Ah yes. You’re running towards the entrance, shouting at each other!
”color:#660000;">Meich: “It is quite the bounty…”
Arithel: “It is, I know.”
As you approach the front door, you hear the clashing of steel, splintering of wood, and dying men screaming.
Arithel: Head outside to see what the hells is going on.
Campaign saved.
Safana: Follow him out.
GM: You head through the door – REFLEX CHECKS!
Safana: Reflex save [1d20+12 = 30]
Arithel: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 20]
You both duck out of the way as a cannon lobs a ball through the doorway, covered in blood.
Safana: “What in the Abyss is going on out here!?”
Arithel: “Who is firing cannons?!”
Safana: “Probably the locals, since we didn’t bring any.”
Arithel: Look around and assess the situation.
You see a line of combat – the Kobold’s line is besieged by some extremely well-armed civilians – behind them, there are some short-range cannon pointed at the defense lines. Intermingled with the well-armed normals are elements of the mercenary element that you came to Islas with./
Campaign saved.
Safana: “We’re going around.”
You see the canon firing indiscriminantly through both lines.
Safana: “We need to stop those damn guns.”
Arithel: Range to cannon?
Safana: oh, right, fire—…
Safana: ….
Safana: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccck…….
Safana: If I see Arithel eyeballing the cannons meaningfully, I want to hold my action and then tackle him as soon as I get my spellcraft check.
Nick (Arithel): I had something else in mind.
Safana: oh. Carry on
Kiergath (Safana): I wasn’t going to actually do anything unless you, you know, went with fireball :p
Nick (Arithel): lol
Alex: Range… 70 feet?
Safana: um.
Nick (Arithel): thats all?
Nick (Arithel): wow ok
Kiergath (Safana): 70 feet?
Alex: It’s the square out front of the town hall
Alex: It’s kind of cramped
Kiergath (Safana): The guns are less than 40 steps away?
Alex: Fine, 170?
Alex: :P
Kiergath (Safana): thanks.
Kiergath (Safana): 70 feet from us would be closer to the combat line, especially their own side.
Arithel: Gently touch Safana’s shoulder.
Kiergath (Safana): at that range, I’d expect they’d be taking damage even from the shockwaves.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] > Teleports you short distance.
Arithel: Targeting us behind the firing line.
Campaign saved.
Safana: can I grab Meich as soon as I feel his hand on my shoulder?
Alex: Sure thing.
Nick (Arithel): sorry meant to forgot
Nick (Arithel): distracted that jay and doug arent here
You slip behind the cannon lines – the crews are distracted with loading the cannon, and nobody senses your arrival.
Arithel: Spell [Haste] → One creature/level moves faster, 1 on attack rolls, AC, and Reflex saves.
Arithel: All of us.
Arithel: How many cannoneers are there?
Twenty cannon, all told
Kiergath (Safana): two men bare minimum, pry 6 man crew optimal…
Kiergath (Safana): unless they’re bigger than I think.
GM: They
Campaign saved.
Alex: ’re light, manned by three men.
Kiergath (Safana): Powder supplies visible?
Arithel: twenty cannon times 3 crew thats 60
Safana: stop worrying.
Safana: Trust me.
Alex: Yes, the powder kegs are visible.
Kiergath (Safana): Did Arithel pop us out at the end of the line or in the middle?
Alex: Arithel?
Nick (Arithel): would have chosen middle
Safana: “Right, we need to borrow a cannon.”
Arithel: “That one then, on the end.”
Meich: “…Right… so are we walking over there?”
Meich seems a little shaken from the dimension door.
Arithel: “Running.”
Safana: head thattaway. Quickly.
You hoof it to the end cannon. You arrive with no trouble.
Arithel: Engaging the crew, surprise round or do they see us?
Campaign saved.
GM: You are able to get a suprise round in
Arithel: Spell [Ray Of Enfeeblement] → Ray deals 1d6 +1 per two levels Str damage.
Arithel: Target one of them the main gunner.
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d20
7 = 22]
Arithel: Ray of Enfeeblement Attack (Damage) [1d6+4 = 8]
Arithel: Str damage
The fuseman collapses in a heap, unable to support his own weight.
Alex: Safana!
Safana: all at an additional 1 to hit..
Safana: Sling (Attack 2) [1d20
6 = 7]
Safana: Sling (Attack 2) [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Safana: Sling (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 28]
Safana: Sling (Attack 1) [1d20+11 = 19]
Safana: no, its not a mistake, haste. The two 11’s hit?
Safana: Not at the same one Arithel hit, by the way.
Alex: Hit hit.
Alex: Sure sure.
Alex: Damage?
Campaign saved.
Safana: Sling (Damage) [1d4
1 = 2]
Safana: Sling (Damage) [1d4+1 = 2]
Safana: fuck me.
Alex: Two lumps on the head!
Safana: sigh
GM: [1d20 = 6]
GM: [1d20 = 18]
Meich rushes in, crashing into one of the gunners, knocking him a good ten feet back.
GM: Init!
GM: [1d20 = 16]
Safana: Initiative [1d20+4 = 7]
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 12]
GM: [1d20 = 15]
The last remaining gunner turns and looks at you, then goes running off into the city.
GM: He seems to be a civilian.
Arithel: “What now?”
Safana: “Restrain the two that didn’t run.”
Meich: “…No need.”
gestures to both of them, each not breathing.
Meich gestures to both of them, each not breathing.
Safana: Judging by what they were doing when we hit them, is the gun loaded, just charged, or neither?
Campaign saved.
Is was just discharged when you got there.
Safana: Spiffy.
Safana: “Meich, there ought to be a powder ladle somewhere about, a single load should suffice in a weapon this small.”
Meich scrounges around and begins charging the weapon.
Safana: We ought to be facing one flank of the battle line, yes?
Arithel: I think we made it to the one on the end.
Safana: Which means we ought to be pointed at a flank. Which?
Arithel: So ya
Alex: Indeed.
Arithel: Left probably. that what I was envisioning.
Safana: good enough, so that’d be the Kobold’s right flank
Safana: DM, casting
Alex: Okay.
Campaign saved.
Safana: as soon as its done
You hear shouting coming from the line, and the shape of the battle begins to change.
Safana: pull a bag out of my sash and throw it to Meich, “Down the barrel and ram it!”
Safana: “Arithel, there’ll be a little hole in the rear of the gun, take some of that powder and get it primed.”
Arithel: “Ok! Ill see what I can do.”
Arithel fumbles with the cannon powder thingy.
Kiergath (Safana): there’s a limited margin for error; there’s only one hole and its just a matter of getting powder down said hole until it fills.
Meich rams the bag down the gun.
Nick (Arithel): are you firing a six demon bag at them?
Kiergath (Safana): I wish
Everything is prepared!
Campaign saved.
Arithel snaps his fingers and produces a flame from his fingertip.
Arithel: Spell [Prestidigitation] → Performs minor tricks.
Safana: “Go for it.”
Arithel: “What am I aiming at?”
Safana: “You aren’t, you’re lighting that powder.”
Arithel lights the powder!
Arithel sets the cannon off, and there’s a horrible pealing sound and the cannon bucks backwards wildly – you see a flaming ball hurtle out of the barrel, separating as it travels at a much faster speed than anticipated. You see flecks of gold separate out, shredding the forces ahead of you.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Poetic justice, that.”
You see the fighting line break at the carnage, seeing so many men shredded by the slivers of gold – most have had small holes blown straight through them – those who are unlucky enough to have the gold embedded in them are quickly cut down by their fellows, and the line degenerates into a massacre of greed.
Safana: “Meich, help me get this thing pointin’ down the gunline!”
Arithel: “We taking out the cannons?
”color:#4f4366;">Arithel: “
”font-weight:bold;color:#000000;“>Meich, already setting another overcharged amount of powder into the cannon, gives the side a hard shove to get the orientation right.
”color:#000054;“>Safana: Toss her another bag.
”color:#000054;">Safana: “Arithel, prime and get ready to touch it off, but do not.”
Arithel: “Wait Safana, these are civilians only trying to defend their home.”
Safana: “Thats why I said don’t touch it off.”
Nick (Arithel): alex how long is the gun line?
Meich rams another bag home.
Nick (Arithel): in feet? approx
Alex: twenty guns, each gun spaced around 10 feet apart, 200 feet?
Nick (Arithel): ok
Safana: A bit long, but if they’re civilian militia…
Arithel: “I might be able to stop them all at once with a magic wall.”
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “Shall I or do you have a plan? with this thing”
Safana: “That doesn’t stop the main battle. Those aren’t all mercs fighting our people.”
Arithel motions towards the cannon.
Arithel: “Why are some of the mercs fighting alonside armed civilians?”
Safana: Shame I don’t have the one spell I could really use, today..
Safana: “Because they changed sides for profit.”
Safana: Wait for a lull in the firing.
Meich: “…how are the populace affording them? We wouldn’t change sides on the cheap… we do have a code, you know.”
One of the cannons fires a lull!
Safana: “I’m not seeing it at work here, luv, present company excluded. And I never said the populace at large was doin’ the paying.”
Safana: Righto, in my best outdoor-make-myself-heard-over-the-drunks-in-the-mosh-pit bard voice…
Arithel: Alex, does it look like the mercs are only fighting other mercs or are they indiscriminatly killing and attacking everyone?
Alex: …define your merc terms.
Alex: There are two sides, and I need to know what you mean
Kiergath (Safana): I think I can answer that.
Arithel: “Ones we hired”
Kiergath (Safana): The Kobolds’ mercs are fighting other mercs and locals.
Kiergath (Safana): The mercs mixed with the locals are just killing our mercs.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): Correct?
Alex: yes.
Kiergath (Safana): this is MISLEADING, however, because the Kobold’s mercs are our mercs, and they’re the ones fighting the locals.
Safana: “Lay down your arms and surrender or the next shot rakes yer guns! We’ve got no quarrel with you townsfolk, but my patience is wearing thin!”
Safana: ^ Yelled.
Kiergath (Safana): standing at the breech opposite of Arithel.
Campaign saved.
The fighting slows, and eventually stops.
Eventually, two figures come out towards you: the woman with the dead eyes, and the orc armored in books.
Safana: Do I see the kobold?
Safana: more importantly, how are things looking? Is the kobold’s company still maintaining cohesion? Are the locals? Are the turncoat mercs?
The Kobold is sprawled on the steps, bleeding.
Safana: dead?
The kobold’s company is drawn back into a small fighting knot.
GM: Note: Bleeding
Safana: Can I get to him with relative ease?
Campaign saved.
GM: You’d have to get past the two figures coming towards you.
Arithel: “Are we even going to have words with these two or should we tend to the kobold?”
Arithel: “He seemed the most loyal of all of them. Ill see to his wounds.”
Safana: “Meich, can you kindly get around these two and bring the kobold over here?”
Arithel: Target next to the kobold.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] → Teleports you short distance.
Arithel: Check to see if he is alive.
Arithel: Item [*Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds]
Arithel: If so give that to him.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: Then walk back to Safana.
Arithel: With the kobold if he can walk.
Arithel: Ok sorry thats all.
Alex: Sec…
Alex: Gotta go AFK
Alex: Pls discuss what your immediate plan is
Safana: I can’t discuss anything
Safana: he’s across the plaza from me
Safana: I reject your invitation to metagame
Alex: sry
Alex: The discussion can take place befroe he teleports
Alex: This may take a minute
Campaign saved.
Safana: -.

Safana: its really not a stage we can plan, seeing as we are largely at the mercy of a far larger force and have no idea which way the wind will blow
Arithel: True, just have to play it out as our chars would. Thats why I went to save the kobold.
Arithel: And I dont want to leave Safana and Meich so I used to spell to get there faster before orc and death lady arrive.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): lulz.
Campaign saved.
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GM: y
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GM: [1d6 = 4]
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GM: Test

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GM: Test
Dragonling: alls good, here.
GM: Awesome
GM: Okay
GM: Closing down
Campaign saved.

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Kiergath (Safana): someone should poke doug.
GM: nose
Nick (Arithel): want me to text him?
Kiergath (Safana): no
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): I got him on vent
‘Doug’ connected
GM: Aight
WHEN LAST WE MET! Short Recap time!
Kiergath (Safana): that mean he connected?
Kiergath (Safana): he’s retrieving! Woo! We have a launch!
You had broken up the melee, and the Kobold seems to be stabilizing on the steps. Arithel, Safana and Douglet are standing on the far end of the cannon line, the mercenaries staring at them in shock (those that aren’t squabbling for gold). The woman with the dead eyes and the orc that was armored in books are slowly approaching
Kiergath (Safana): oh. right. that.
Kiergath (Safana): my gold coin grapeshot.
Kiergath (Safana): that was rather clever of me.
Alex: Effective as well!
Kiergath (Safana): and ironic. I like irony.
Kiergath (Safana): a bard should always have a keen sense of irony… :p
Alex: Indeed!
Nick (Arithel): right lol, they must think we are really rich to use gold as grapeshot
Kiergath (Safana): doesn’t matter, Eachra took care of that anyway.
Kiergath (Safana): a couple hundred gold coins as projectiles won’t make it much worse.
Campaign saved.
Alex: It’s true.
Nick (Arithel): how many sessions have we played?
Alex: This is “Session” 11
Alex: Whyfore?
Kiergath (Safana): sorry, stepped out.
Alex: No worries.
Kiergath (Safana): that was mainly so doug would know I was afk, not just ignoring him .
Alex: Sure sure.
Nick (Arithel): well
Nick (Arithel): not to sound like a broken record but, any chance of accelerating the xp output?
Kiergath (Safana): LOL
Kiergath (Safana): keep in mind they’re short sessions and we routinely get nothing done.
Arithel: right
Nick (Arithel): right
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): thats why im saying, maybe an auto 5% per session towards our next level?
Nick (Arithel): because our sessions are short
Kiergath (Safana): …you want to ding once every 20 sessions?
Kiergath (Safana): that could take years.
Nick (Arithel): 5% plus whatever we make normally
Alex: …you do realize that for major events, you’ve been getting an automatic 10%, more if you contribute a lot.
Kiergath (Safana): well, no, we have no way to realize that
Alex: …if you had been looking at your XP bars
Alex: After each session, I was updating them
Kiergath (Safana): you mean on the wiki that hasn’t been updated in a month
Alex: We havent gamed in a month!
Nick (Arithel): Yeah I checked it a month ago.
Nick (Arithel): Its just a suggestion mind you, but that way it gives the PCs auto xp and then whatever we do in game goes on top. So after say 10 sessions we will have an auto 50% of our new level’s xp earned plus whatever we made in game.
Kiergath (Safana): its an interesting theory. I’ll withold judgement – personally – until I see how things roll if we get moving on a semi-regular basis again.
Campaign saved.
Alex: If we’re moving on a semi-regular basis, you’ll be seeing a bigger XP gain than 5% each session
Nick (Arithel): Im not trying to powerlevel mind you.
Alex: It’s mostly determiend by what your actions are
Safana: doug
Alex: More XP comes from more decisive actions and advancing the story.
Kiergath (Safana): wiki > gameplay → cast of characters
Kiergath (Safana): yes, yes, thats where they are.
Kiergath (Safana): …and I’m not talking to myself
Kiergath (Safana): though I understand it appears that way.
Alex: I figured.
Alex: It’s a one sided conversation, that I can hear both halves of.
Alex: Hi Doug.
Alex: No, no, don’t get Morgan to say Hi for you.
Alex: Leslie got hit in the face by a sack of potatos?
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): Hello Alex
Alex: That’s terrible!
Alex: Hey!
Alex: It worked!
Kiergath (Safana): LOL
Kiergath (Safana): win
Alex: So, my battery is showing 34 minutes.
Nick (Arithel): hey Doug
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): so we need to get alex a 1 mile extension cord. Or a second power cord.
Alex: Next weds I will be running the session from home.
Kiergath (Safana): or possibly a portable fusion generator.
Alex: …that
Alex: I want that.
Alex: I would personally run a session from each of your homes, flying everyone around, if you got me one of those.
Kiergath (Safana): more importantly we’d all be able to comfortably retire from the profits.
Kiergath (Safana): in any case
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): Hello Nick
Alex: indeed
Nick (Arithel): one day perhaps
Alex: So do we have any questions about where we are/what our direction is, so we have impetus next week?
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): We just unlawfully removed the lawful ruler of the little town… were fuggered
Kiergath (Safana): no we aren’t
Kiergath (Safana): we removed the lawful rulers
Kiergath (Safana): who’s going to prosecute
Kiergath (Safana): I’m more worried about my own damn mercenaries
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): We kill the one dude or dudes they will fall in line
Nick (Arithel): ok so as far as we know, that deva or whatever entity she is, was in charge of Islas and had no clue about the corruption going on in the city.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): eyup; since the corruption was at low levels
Nick (Arithel): i.e the night harbormaster
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): I am more worried about the dude that likes to lob cannon balls into the town…
Nick (Arithel): also we the bounty put on our heads we surmize was done by that “heaven and hell” duo, who both oppose Bartholomew Stormtamer and wanted us dead because we knew to much about the night harbormasters dealings of which he was involved correct?
Kiergath (Safana): that was confused, but I’m agreeing with what I can puzzle out.
Nick (Arithel): – the first we.
GM: …so, both sides of the mercenary conflicts, and also Safana? (Both fired cannon into the town on some occasion)
Doug (Eachra): Thats the dude lobbing cannon balls at us
Kiergath (Safana): I didn’t fire cannon BALLS into the town.
Kiergath (Safana): I fired gold coins.
Kiergath (Safana): I’m absolved of guilt in doug’s statement
Alex: Truth
Alex: None of the mercs are though
Kiergath (Safana): Besides; Arithel did the honors :P
Alex: …true!
Kiergath (Safana): I’ll make a pirate of him yet.
Doug (Eachra): I am refering to the time we got shot at after dropping off the dead elf girl, then when they were chasing us and we wreaked that ship…
Kiergath (Safana): yes, you’re referring to Heaven and Hell, we know.
Eachra: So our first and main concern are the Mercs
Nick (Arithel): did we discover what underhanded dealings the night harbormaster had with heaven and hell? Was it that voucher for large quantity of armaments that he was likely selling to them illegaly?
Nick (Arithel): or is there more we discovered?
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): As far as I know, he didn’t even sell them.
Kiergath (Safana): He just handed them over
Doug (Eachra): If I remember it was he just gave them to Heaven and Hell
Kiergath (Safana): most likely solely for the purpose of attacking the town in an attempt to kill the party.
Kiergath (Safana): Doug’s hit it on the head, methinks; our primary concern at the moment has to be our own troops.
Kiergath (Safana): As far as we know, Heaven and Hell may still be on Ysgard; since it appeared they were the ones leading the attack on … Kord, was it?
Nick (Arithel): Right, I wonder what he got in return, maybe the dead elf girl so that he could have his way with her and anger Bartholomew at the same time?
Doug (Eachra): Once we have them under control then we can figure out what to do about Heaven and Hell
Kiergath (Safana): He didn’t get the dead elf chica from Heaven and Hell, he got it from you guys.
Nick (Arithel): well yes but someone gave us the ‘box’.
Kiergath (Safana): I suspect the deal with Heaven and Hell was “X” amount of powder and shot in return for a strike on the town; they keep the surplus.
Doug (Eachra): I think he gave them the stuff to kill us, so there would be no record of our giving him the elf girl
Kiergath (Safana): ^.
Doug (Eachra): Who knows what he was going to do with her once he had his fun…
Kiergath (Safana): He needed to remove witnesses; especially since Eryn and Eachra can’t have made him particularly confident.
Doug (Eachra): Yeah
Nick (Arithel): Oh so its that simple? I had figured there was more of a conspiracy.
Kiergath (Safana): Oh, probably; but this is just a sideshow in it.
Kiergath (Safana): Also, I think we took a minor conspiracy and blew it WAY out of proportion :P
Kiergath (Safana): ( well, obviously we did that; we invaded the town )
Doug (Eachra): Well if I had not kille dhim right out of the gate and we extracted information from him, we might have found a deeper reason as to why he wanted the dead elf but…
Nick (Arithel): Wait there has to be more, because why would there still be a hit on us after we killed the night harbormaster. heaven and hell would have said screw it, our contractor is dead.
Alex: (LoL)
Kiergath (Safana): Because now you two are with Bart.
Doug (Eachra): Because they did not get the job done the first time?
Kiergath (Safana): Its now part of the bigger power struggle.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): Its not about a deal with the night harbormaster anymore; its a feud between Heaven and Hell and the Stormtamer.
Kiergath (Safana): And you two are now inthe middle of it.
Doug (Eachra): Maybe they had a geas placed on them to kill us…
Kiergath (Safana): the night harbormaster wasn’t really that powerful, not by a longshot.
Doug (Eachra): Who has to say he was not a pawn in the greater sceam of things?
Kiergath (Safana): …you mean like the lawful good daeva running the show?
Kiergath (Safana): Yeah.. not seein’ it.
Eachra: No.. more like some undead lich someplace pulling stings…
Nick (Arithel): So now we realize that our entire invasion of Islas was pointless.
Kiergath (Safana): OH GOD FLEEEEEEEEEE
Nick (Arithel): lol ya
Nick (Arithel): ill stop, was slipping into shen mode there.
Kiergath (Safana): err, no ,I was proposing Shen-from-beyond-the-grave as the lich.
Doug (Eachra): Or since were out inthe planes a Djinn or Demon/Devil
Nick (Arithel): LOL that would be funny
Nick (Arithel): thats true Doug, it could be anything, but without any evidence its just speculation.
Doug (Eachra): You said it yourself, Morgan. He was not all that powerfull. So he may have a hidden master someplace.
Doug (Eachra): That is true Nick, I am just speculating
Nick (Arithel): Could have just been a necrophiliac reveler of a god of death.
Doug (Eachra): True
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): or, imagine this
Kiergath (Safana): he could have been a crooked official in a major port town
Kiergath (Safana): in league with the pirates!
Kiergath (Safana): ….
Doug (Eachra): So we need to figure out what to do about our “army”
Kiergath (Safana): I know damn well what to do about our army.
Doug (Eachra): Seemed that one lizard or whjat ever it was commaned a lot of fear/respect
Kiergath (Safana): where I come from, we crucify mutineers along the shoreline as an example to the next sorry lot.
Doug (Eachra): We kill it, they may fall back in line
Kiergath (Safana): uh
Kiergath (Safana): there were two lizards..
Kiergath (Safana): One was a kobold; he almost died in our defense
Kiergath (Safana): The other was a half dragon; he’s not involved. We haven’t seen him since the fighting broke out.
Kiergath (Safana): The two mutinous leaders appear to be the orc and the human woman
Nick (Arithel): We may need them still sadly. Now that the deva is gone, Bartholomew has to take over Islas, and hes gonna need troops.
Eachra: Hmm..
Kiergath (Safana): So we kill the ringleaders and hope the rest fall back in line.

Chat log started at 18.1.2012 / 19:12:35

Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
‘Nick’ connected
‘Kiergath’ connected
Nick (Arithel): hey hey
Nick (Arithel): so I gave a copy of FG to a friend and we were doing a test run with Jay where I was hosting. It gave a serial key duplication error when they both tried to log into my server.
Nick (Arithel): is there a quick hack to generating a new key?
Kiergath (Safana): yeah.
Kiergath (Safana): go into your registry and manually change it.
Kiergath (Safana): as long as you and your friends don’t use the same new number you’re golden
Kiergath (Safana): oooh-kay.. Doug’s either working or shunning me, for the record.
Nick (Arithel): dont suppose you know the path to that key on win7
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): good joke. No I do not.
Kiergath (Safana): I’d have to dig around
Kiergath (Safana): alex might
Alex: Uh
Alex: You go into the folder
Alex: in fg2
Alex: And you edit the .reg file
Alex: then run it
Safana: oh.. y’all cheat
Kiergath (Safana): I always just went into my registry and did it by hand :P
Alex: lol
Kiergath (Safana): or are we trying not to tax nick’s comp use?
Kiergath (Safana): in any case, doug hasn’t responded to my text.
Alex: hm
Kiergath (Safana): this may be because he doesn’t believe my story about spending the last two days being a couch potato and working on stuff for alex.
Alex: Annoying doug
Ragnhild: I spent two days being a couch potato
Alex: go me!
Kiergath (Safana): but alex has seen the stuff to prove it!
Alex: True!
Alex: …you guys choice to start without him
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): I feel I should warn you that Doug is considering a backup character because he doesn’t know if Eachra can recover from recent strain.
Kiergath (Safana): he answered
Alex: …hooray
Alex: How long?
Safana: no clue
Nick (Arithel): wow
Nick (Arithel): a new char?
Nick (Arithel): well its his choice.
Safana: stow the gab, he may be in any time
Kiergath (Safana): err, on that subject anyway.
Campaign saved.
Nick (Arithel): so Alex in my fg2 folder there is a folder called Regkey and in there are 5 files: fgii, fgiialex, fgiichris, fgiidoug, fgiinick
Alex: Take a guess which those are.
Kiergath (Safana): Doug’s at work, you may proceed at leisure.
Nick (Arithel): duh.. :P
Alex: …right
Kiergath (Safana): yes, it took that long to find that out.
Kiergath (Safana): :P
Alex: …OKAY
When last we met, the woman with the black eyes was approaching you, flanked by the Orc-man, his armor covered in books.
The fighting had mostly stopped around you.
Kiergath (Safana): lol ablative armor
The kobold bleeds on the steps, as per usual.
Kiergath (Safana): neg! NEG!
Kiergath (Safana): objection!
Kiergath (Safana): Arithel went to help him!
Campaign saved.
Arithel plays hawkeye to the Kobold.
Nick (Arithel): trying to envision the layout, how far is the kobold to us, to the woman and orc?
There’s a line of mercenaries between the two. It’s like, a hundred feet or something separate.
Nick (Arithel): and are there any obstacles or is it pretty flat on the street?
Kiergath (Safana): just a lot of bodies and debris.
Kiergath (Safana): and the ones still standing..
Alex: Yes.
The two mercenary leaders square off in front of Safana and Meich. Arithel may or may not be aware of this going on.
Nick (Arithel): quick estimate, how many mercs are between the woman and orc?
Woman: “It looks like your little revolution is over, and your posession of this little island is rather… short lived…”
Alex: Zero.
Alex: They are next to each other.
Nick (Arithel): ok I read that wrong np.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: Ignore the woman for the moment and quickly check to see if the kobold is alive.
Kiergath (Safana): sorry, getting things sorted out and helping jackie put her gaming back together
Alex: Sure thing.
Alex: I shall wait.
Kiergath (Safana): so, you know, I’m here, just a leetle slow
Alex: Apparently.
Kiergath (Safana): shhhh.
Alex: The woman is talking to you, Saf, just for clarity.
Arithel, you can barely hear that the woman has spoken anything at all. The Kobold is quite alive, but mangled.
Arithel: I will take a round to administer a healing potion to the kobold.
Arithel: Item [Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds]
The Kobold seems to stabilize before your eyes – the bleeding has more or less ceased.
Safana: “I can see how it might appear that way from certain perspectives. I assume by your shameless opportunism that it’s too late to work things out peacefully.”
Kiergath (Safana): Location, Meich?
Campaign saved.
She smiles. “I am always willing to work with the unfortunates… simply leave this plane, never return, and we’ll forget all about you.”
GM: Meich is positioned slightly to your left.
GM: [1d20 = 10]
GM: [1d20 = 17]
Nick (Arithel): let me know when I can act again.
Alex: What sort of action are you looking for?
Nick (Arithel): spell.
Alex: Depending on how Saf responds, you may be able to.
Safana shifts her gaze skyward and exclaims in exhasperation, “By the heaving bosoms of the goddesses, are all the lesser races so uncultured? Is haggling such a lost art among the masses?”
Meich: “…in truth, Saf, I don’t know how to haggle.”
Alex: Go ahead and spell, Nick.
Safana: “You have other, more immediately useful talents, my dear.”
Woman: “What would you name your price to be, then?”
Arithel: Spell [Greater Invisibility] → As invisibility, but subject can attack and stay invisible.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “You ask me to leave the plane of Water and never return, something only a fool would agree to, and only a fool would ask; in the infinite Multiverse you cannot declare such a major travel route off limits.”
Alex: Arithel dissapears from view on the steps!
Arithel: Positioning myself behind them say 65feet.
Arithel: And then will cast another spell as soon as I have time.
GM: You move into position…
Woman: “Fine. Never step on Islas again, and you may leave here alive.”
Safana: “You truly have no concept of the art of the deal. You do not push, you do not counter. You simply let me walk you about the table. This charade shames me before my ancestors and the gods.”
Safana: Leaping backwards at a diagonal to put Meich between me and them.
Safana: Initiative [1d20+4 = 8]
GM: [1d20 = 3]
Arithel: upon seeing that…
Arithel: Initiative [1d20+3 = 12]
Campaign saved.
GM: [1d20 = 14]
GM: [1d8 = 3]
GM: [2d6 = 9]
Kiergath (Safana): question; weather?
GM: [1d6 = 2]
The woman screeches outrage, a sound akin to the scraping of steel on stone. She leaps forward, a battleaxe materializing in her hand as she slices at Meich. Meich’s armor deflects some of the blow, but a shower of blood sprays from behind her shield. The woman, apparently in a frenzy, licks the blood that splaces onto her lips.
Arithel: Im here, sorry her charge threw off my plan.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: Im going to delay and watch the orc carefully.
Alex: Morgan, how far are you behind Meich?
Kiergath (Safana): sec
Kiergath (Safana): uh, pry just right behind her.
Kiergath (Safana): too much trouble to leap backwards any distance, even for me.
Alex: Indeed.
Campaign saved.
The orc chants in his own tongue, and the air around you and Meich begins to get blisteringly cold. You find yourself pelted by hailstones of unimaginable size.
GM: [3d6 = 12]
GM: [3d6 = 16]
Arithel: hang on
GM: [2d6 = 11]
GM: [2d6 = 5]
Alex: hm?
Arithel: was going to try and counter that
Arithel: well was going to use spellcraft first to see what hes casting if you will allow that.
Arithel: and then dispel it if I can. Is that ok?
Arithel: Skill [Spellcraft] [1d20+16 = 34]
GM: In order for that to have happened, you would have had to ready the action, instead of delaying.
Kiergath (Safana): yeah, prepping to counterspell is its own action type.
Nick (Arithel): my bad you are right.
Kiergath (Safana): don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either; I just scrambled to look it up myself -.

Nick (Arithel): that was my intent, not sure if you will allow it or not.
Alex: I just wanted to check if it was doable.
Nick (Arithel): I dont mind either way.
Alex: We’ll know about it going forward.
Alex: If you’d like, you can come out of your delay after the spell is cast.
Nick (Arithel): sure
Nick (Arithel): what spell did he cast anyway? Ice storm?
Alex: Yes, that is what he cast.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: Target the orc.
Arithel: Spell [Wall Of Fire] > Deals 2d4 fire damage out to 10 ft. and 1d4 out to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 damage +1/level.
Arithel: Maximized. 5 foot ring around him.
Arithel: actually not maximized, read that wrong.
Arithel: hopfully it will hamper his vision as well.
Arithel: [2d4 = 8]
You summon up a wall of fire around the orc, who bellows in rage and pain! He dissapears from view.
Kiergath (Safana): um.
Kiergath (Safana): weather?
Campaign saved.
Alex: Sunnyesque.
Kiergath (Safana): ah, good.
Safana gives the woman a look that could shrivel a balor before sending a beam of blistering white light at her from one outstretched palm.
Kiergath (Safana): Metal armor, large weapon, or shield?
Alex: Define large weapon?
Kiergath (Safana): bigger than a sword.
Kiergath (Safana): in short, two handed would be my interpretation
Alex: Ahh, no.
Alex: Just one handed.
Alex: Battleaxe, to be precise.
Safana: heat damage. [6d4 = 15]
Safana: 15.
Kiergath (Safana): lol.
Alex: …you guys love fire.
Kiergath (Safana): Not so much. Just heat.
Kiergath (Safana): More of a directional microwave. -.

The woman grunts, but she seems to revel in the pain.
Kiergath (Safana): oh, hell, I hope she doesn’t have the feat.
Nick (Arithel): masochistic?
GM: [1d20 = 7]
Kiergath (Safana): yeah.
Kiergath (Safana): gives you a stacking damage bonus as you lose HP .
Campaign saved.
Meich, bleeding pretty heavily from her shield arm, takes a swing, but the woman dances out of the way.
GM: [1d20 = 6]
The woman slashes out at Meich, who deflects the blow with her shield, staggering to the side.
GM: [5d6 = 16]
There is a whirling of cold air behind her, as the ring of fire surrounding the orc extinguishes itself.
Nick (Arithel): so my init is now permanantly behind the orc now?
Kiergath (Safana): well, yeah.
Nick (Arithel): ok hehe learned something new :P
Arithel: If I fireball the orc will the blast radius hit anyone else?
Kiergath (Safana): mommy
Arithel: 20 foot radius
Campaign saved.
Alex: It will likely hit a mercenary or two.
Arithel: neg then.
Arithel: Spell [Scorching Ray] > Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage, 1 ray/four levels (max 3).
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d20
7 = 16]
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d20+7 = 27]
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [CRITICAL THREAT]
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [CONFIRM] [1d20+7 = 26]
Arithel: [4d6 = 18]
Arithel: [4d6 = 15]
Arithel: assuming both hit.
Arithel: 2nd one is x2
Kiergath (Safana): “x2” means you roll damage twice.
Kiergath (Safana): not “damage gets multiplied by two”
Arithel: [4d6 = 18]
Arithel: even better
The second one connects, sending flames coursing over the orc – lighting his library on fire and sending him into a rage!
Safana: Grope Meich.
Safana: hitpoints restored: [3d8+8 = 12]
Kiergath (Safana): ..youre kidding, right?
Nick (Arithel): this roller hates you.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): sigh… 12 hitpoints back for Meich
Kiergath (Safana): I could’ve done that with a cure light.. but no.. I did it with cure serious. Because I"m fuckin’ awesome.
Arithel: DM, can I have moved after casting that spell?
Arithel: Ill just make it a 5 foot step.
Alex: Er…Yeah
Alex: Away, towards?
Arithel: side.
GM: [1d20 = 8]
GM: [1d20 = 1]
Arithel: Still invisible, hoping he cant see me.
GM: [1d8 = 3]
Meich swings with her sword, missing pathetically and embedding the point into the ground. She maintains the momentum and swings around, slamming her shield into the woman’s nose.
GM: [2d20 = 27]
Kiergath (Safana): my fault, my grope distracted her.
The woman squeals with what you can only hope is pain, but fear is glee.
GM: [2d8 = 14]
GM: [2d6 = 4]
She lashes out again with her axe, catching Meich with two hammerblows that catch her off-guard and send blood spraying everwhere.
GM: [2d10 = 9]
Campaign saved.
The orc wheels to face the crowd of mercenaries and unleashes a blast of arcane fury.
GM: [3d8 = 17]
Alex: Reflex, Nick?
Arithel: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 23]
You catch the edge of the blast wave of the fireball he flung into the crowd – the mercenaries go flying in all directions, and most shield you from the worst of the ensuing flames. The fighting amongst the mercenaries renews with a vigor!
GM: [1d6 = 4]
GM: [1d6 = 6]
Arithel: Sudden Empower.
Arithel: Spell [Scorching Ray] → Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage, 1 ray/four levels (max 3).
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d20
7 = 19]
Arithel: Ranged Touch (Attack 1) [1d20+7 = 26]
Alex: Both hit.
Arithel: [4d6 = 15]
Arithel: [2d6 = 7]
Arithel: [4d6 = 20]
Arithel: [2d6 = 9]
The orc gives one last shriek and bursts into a flaming mass, slumping to the ground.
Campaign saved.
Kiergath (Safana): sorry, we were looking things up
Arithel: np
Campaign saved.
Safana: Saf breaks into song. Probably some sort of wordless chant, more than an actual song. Inspire courage: 2 morale bonus on saves against Charm and Fear, attack rolls, damage rolls for allies able to hear.
GM: [2d20 = 33]
Meich rallies! She hauls back and slams her shield into the woman twice in a row, both times eliciting the sickening crunch of bones breaking.
GM: [2d8 = 4]
Nick (Arithel): you know what I screwed that up.
Arithel: I cant empower a sorcerer spell.
Nick (Arithel): so if the orc is still alive so be it.
Alex: The orc is not still alive.
GM: [1d20 = 13]
Campaign saved.
However, the woman is! Blood is running down her face and her left arm is hanging at a funny angle. She takes a swipe at Meich, drawing some more blood, and dances a little closer to Safana.
Arithel: Spell [Magic Missile] → 1d4
1 damage; 1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
Arithel: [4d4
4 = 11]
Arithel: and Ill try to get out of the way of the brawling mercs.
Saf – The woman is within 15 feet of you, and seems to be bleeding heavily.
Kiergath (Safana): uh..
Safana sends another ray of blinding light at the woman.
Safana: Ranged attack [1d20+10 = 15]
Safana: touch.
Alex: That’ll hit.
Campaign saved.
Alex: Damage?
Safana: heat damage [1d6+8 = 14]
Safana: Blind for (rounds) [1d4 = 3]
Kiergath (Safana): eat me.
Kiergath (Safana): not literally, please. No meat, all bone. You don’t want me.
The woman clutches at her eyes, dropping her axe to the ground, eliciting one last gasping scream before collapsing to the ground.
Kiergath (Safana): whoa, did I actually roll a six?
Arithel, you’re having some trouble dodging the blades being swung around you.
Arithel: Ill teleport next to Safana before I get hit.
Arithel: Spell [Dimension Door] → Teleports you short distance.
Arithel: And then cancel my invisibility.
Arithel: “Are you both ok?”
Safana: “Where’s that damn orc?”
Meich: “…I’ve been… a lot better.”
Arithel pulls out a potion of healing and hands it to Meiche.
The orc remains where he fell, crumpled in a smouldering heap.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: Item [Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds]
Kiergath (Safana): Ah, missed that
Kiergath (Safana): I was distracted, in and ooc. -.

Meich swallows the potion gratefully, giving Arithel a curtsey, awkwardly, in her armor.
Safana yells in her best outdoors voice, probably not particularly imposing but hopefully at least loud, “Stand down!”
The fighting slowly dies down, with the Kobold echoing your cries from his small defensive position.
Arithel: “I may be wrong, but that kobold seems to be one of the honorable mercenaries that wasnt bent on betrayal.”
Safana: “Yes, as far as can be seen.”
Arithel: Look around, what remains of Islas? How bad is the damage?
The area around you is pretty damaged due to all of the cannonfire, but there’s little in the way of fires. There are some large smoke columns off a ways, however.
Campaign saved.
Safana: Wind my way through the chaos to the kobold..
Meich: “Little bugger almost had a heroic last stand… thankfully, due to Arithel, he can have another.”
Safana: “Hopefully we’re done with last stands for this campaign.”
Arithel: Search the orc and woman.
The Kobold is standing on the steps, leaning on one of the mercenaries guarding him – there are only fifteen left within the barricade.
Arithel, the only things that survived the flames on the orc is his set of armor – the woman carried little more than her battleaxe.
The axe makes you feel uneasy.
Arithel: “Weapon of evil.”
Kobold: “…I wish I could have been there to assist you against those mutineers…”
I should rephrase… the axe feels so dangerous that it makes you uneasy.
Safana: “Your stand was just as necessary; perhaps more-so.. I just hope their foolishness hasn’t cost us the battle.”
Arithel: Take both and head over to join the conversation.
Campaign saved.
Safana: Quick guesstimate on men outside the barricade?
Maybe fifty left standing.
The Kobold bristles with pride.
Arithel: “We should perhaps rally the remaining mercs to our side if they will stop fighting. In exchange for exhonoration perhaps. More bloodshed is not what we need.”
Meich: “…if we have to, I’m sure the Kobold and his men and I could put the dissenters down, Safana…”
Kobold: “Gladly.”
Safana: “We’ll likely need them. Weed out the ringleaders, if there were any other than those two, but we need the rest able and willing to fight.”
Safana: “I don’t want any of the other ringleaders, if there were, killed. Yet.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “And somebody ought to get Bart and the Hammerhead off the ship.”
Arithel: “Very well, if it suits all of you, spread the word that the fighting has ended. That betrayal will be forgiven in exchange for newfound loyalty. Extend this to the mercs that were not the ringleaders of the betrayal.”
Safana: “We’re still missing one group, as well.. We have only three accounted for here.”
The Kobold nods and goes off to do your bidding.
Meich: “I’ll go get Bart…”
Arithel: “We can investigate that smoke in the distance. More fighting erupted there likely.”
Safana sighs, “This should have been a textbook operation, Arithel. But how could we account for a fifty percent mutiny rate?”
Arithel looks at Safana with weary eyes, “Truest words.”
Safana: “That fighting in the distance is probably our fourth group. Or what’s left of it.”
Safana: “We can’t move until our rear is secure, which means Bart brought ashore and the mutineers back in line. Fifteen men less prisoner guards won’t do anyone any good.”
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “So we wait and rest for now while we garner stability.”
Safana: DM, while they’re off doing my bidding, try to help the wounded.
Arithel: Yup, and assist as best I can.
Safana: I have eleven slots level 1-3 I will expend on cures. Do I have any left by the time one or the other of the Kobold or Meich returns?
Safana: :P
You have 5 cures left when Meich gets back. The Kobold returns at around the same time.
Safana: “Well, situation?”
Kobold: “From what I can tell, anyone who had been involved in the mutiny is either dead or gone – anyone that had been fighting recently was out of fear or greed.”
Safana: “Very well. If we run into any of ours without a good excuse for being away from their company, put them under guard.”
Safana: “We’ll sort the missing from the deserters later.”
Stormtamer: “…what’s the shape of things, Safana? Have we taken the city?”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “I wish I knew, but we’re moving away from the beachhead.”
Safana: “We had two companies mutiny, the fourth is out of contact.”
Meich: “They did oust the governor!”
Safana: “Yes, if posession of Town Hall means anything, we own the city.”
Arithel: “Of which we will need to discuss. At any rate, you should soon have control of Islas, Bartholomew.”
Stormtamer: “It’s a start. This will be a good place to consolidate power – it is the spiritual heart of the city. Thank you for your estimation, Arithel. I know I can count on you both.”
Safana: “You’ll be a governor! At this rate, you’ll be marriable in one or two more promotions.”
Safana: “In the meantime, we’d best move if we want to find anything but bodies.”
Arithel nods.
Safana: “Guess we should’ve hired more men.. and spent more coin on officers.”
Arithel: “Do you feel comfortable with command, Saf?”
Safana: “Lets get moving, we know where company four was supposed to head, best place to start.”
Safana: “I’m not in command; that duty falls on our small friend here.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “I’m just the one laying out the overall objective and holding the purse strings.”
Kobold: “…should I stay and guard the Stormtamer, or am I coming with you?”
Safana: “I’d say we all move out, I don’t think we’ve got the men to split up, to be honest.”
Safana: “Oh, piss, nevermind that. Do you have a man you can trust with a rear guard made up, say, of five of your men and ten mutineers?”
Arithel: “Leave behind a small detachment to bar entry to the city hall and keep order from any potential looters and the rest of us can go.”
Safana: “Leave that rearguard here, and have them shore up this barricade and pull in those guns. We don’t want some over-ambitious townsfolk getting ideas.”
Kobold: “…I’ll get it done.”
A short preparation later, a core of 10 men and 40 mutineers form up in the square.
Safana: and we needed to leave yesterday, move out!
Arithel: “I had hoped this would not have needed to be so bloody. I had hoped we had found a corrupt evil at the root of Islas’s control.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Too late for regrets, we have to finish this before it gets far, far worse.”
You all depart, the Stormtamer staying behind in the most defensible position that you’ve captured in the city.
Kobold: “I fail to see how this can get much worse than it has… I’ve lost more friends today than I’ve got years under my belt.”
Safana: “The day isn’t over; we could join them.”
While trekking through the city, you see some evidence of looting on the way towards the biggest column of smoke.
Meich: “So we’re looking for a Dragonborn and his company, yes? They had taken the armory?”
Safana nods at Meich, “That’d be them.”
Arithel turns to the kobold, “What do you know of the dragonborn?”
Kiergath (Safana): well, they yell in tongues a lot…
Kobold: “…he’s a bloody fierce fighter with a small skill in magic. He’s determined, and…well, from what I remember, he loves coin.”
Safana: “As long as he prefers honest coin.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: trudgin’ along…
You find the armory – it’s not hard to miss. The front of it seems to have suffered a massive explosion from within – wood and bodies are strewn everywhere.
The remainder of the building seems to be relatively intact.
Safana: “This really isn’t my day.”
Kobold: “…whose is it then?”
Safana: “I think today everyone lost, to be honest.”
Meich nods solemnly.
Do you enter the building?
Safana: yes.
Arithel: yes.
You step inside – the doors to the main armory have been hacked apart – but not much was taken, though you can see some trails of black powder leading out the door.
Campaign saved.
There are several bodies nearby, in a similar state to the door.
Safana: “There’s always the risk that, given the large proportion of former mutineers in our ranks..”
Safana: “If there was treachery here, and our friends are still in posession, they’ll assume we’re the traitors come to finish them off.”
Safana: “Just throwing that cheery thought out there.”
Kobold: “…and we’re outnumbered by former mutineers by four to one..”
‘Doug’ connected
Safana: “See, you do cheerful too! We’re all so cheery.”
There are several more corpses in one of the hallways that all are facing the doorway.
Alex: Welcome, Douglet.
Arithel: “We are aiming for diplomacy. I only pray they will listen.”
Doug (Eachra Branogeni Silathdiir): Thanks
Safana: “Of course they won’t bleedin’ listen.”
Safana yells, “Is anyone still alive in here?!”
You hear a hoarse cursing from deep within the building.
Safana: head that way.
Kiergath (Safana): welcome, dooglet
You head inwards – several turns later, you come across a pile of bodies that block the hallway – beyond, you can barely see the hallway continue on for a few feet before a massive steel door blocks your vision.
Doug (Eachra): ‘lo
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Clear these corpses.”
Arithel: “Respectfully, but quickly.”
Arithel helps clear the bodies.
The bodies are cleared away quickly – beyond, you can see one more body – the dragonborn, slumped against the iron door, a sword in his hand and through his shoulder. His eyes shine as he glares at you.
Alex: Doug, you are there, though you missed the combat earlier.
Kiergath (Safana): short fast form: the two leaders of the mutiny are dead, we regrouped and re-assimilated the mutineers and raced off to try and rendezvous with 4. company.
Safana: Extract the sword and heal him.
Safana: Assuming he doesn’t try to eat me.
Safana: If he does, slap him, then go back to healing.
He doesn’t try to eat you – he screams loud enough to give you a headache when you pry the sword out of him.
Dragonborn: “So you’re not here to kill me, then?”
Safana: HP back: [3d8+8 = 24]
Doug (Eachra): OK
Safana: “Its an interesting situation; I take it that means the mutineers hit your position before they moved against us as the town hall?”
Safana: us at*
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “Tell us what happened.”
Arithel watches the dragonborn carefully.
Arithel: Skill [Sense Motive] [1d20+3 = 16]
“We got in and secured the armory – easy job, no loss of life. We simply convinced the guards to lay down their arms and go home, gave them some gold and told them that things would be better. Then we secured the powder and the cannons, made sure they couldn’t be taken and used.”
Dragonborn: You sense that he’s trying to tell you what happened.
You sense that he’s trying to tell you what happened.
Dragonborn: “Then, when I came back to check the powder storage here, I hear an explosion from out front, and that bitch’s voice – then my men started dying. And when they were done with my men, they came after the powder.”
Safana: “Just bleedin’ wonderful. Any idea if any of yours made it out?”
Campaign saved.
Dragonborn: “…I am the last of mine. I saw everyone else get cut down before I retreated back here to make my stand.”
Safana: “Then we’re down to sixty five men, give or take.. against whatevers left of Islas.”
Safana: “Hopefully that ain’t much.”
Safana: “I suspect most of the garrison was in that counter-attack on the town hall that the mutineers joined up with.”
Arithel: “That sounds about right.”
Safana: “Lets get out of here and back to the town hall to consolidate, sounds like the main battle’s over; we just have to get things running again and make sure the population doesn’t do anything stupid.”
Arithel: “Yes an announcement must be made to the populace of the change in leadership.”
Doug (Eachra): Does he need more healing?
Safana: “Thankfully for me, that is the domain of the new governor. Therefore, we should go talk to Bart.”
Arithel helps the Dragonborn to his feet.
Alex: He’s in bad shape, but not nearly as bad as Meich.
Safana: oh. right.
Doug (Eachra): Is Meich with us?
Safana: yes
You find your way back from the Armory, through the relatively peaceful streets of Islas.
Campaign saved.
Eachra casts CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS on Meich
Safana: zounds
Eachra: [3d8+8 = 23]
Safana: last time I did that I rolled two 1’s and a 2.
Meich’s wounds appear to be less serious!
Kiergath (Safana): now we just have to cure her moderate and critical wounds… the serious ones are taken care of.
Eachra: “There that should make you feel a little bit better.”
You arrive at the town hall – the garrison almost cannonballs you into obvlivion, but the refrain.
Meich: “Much, thank you.”
Safana: (to the Kobold) “Have your men find which cannon has a sack of gold coins in it and divide it amongst your command.”
Safana: “It ought to tip out without much trouble.”
He nods and scampers off, which is sadly amusing to watch due to his newly acquired limp.
Stormtamer: “Do you have anything new to report?”
Safana: “We’re all that’s left.. the fighting seems to have stopped.”
Safana: “Someone find our prisoners – the ones we took when we landed – and have them bring what passes for the surviving local government.”
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Its time we explained to them how things will be changing from here on.”
Arithel: “The majority of the populace seem to be off the streets. Likely waiting for the smoke to clear and have someone declare themselves victor.”
Meich wanders off to get the prisoners.
Stormtamer: “I should say, my first act of governance should be to get the mint up and running again so I can have medals commissioned for you!”
Safana: “Save the metal for coin.”
Safana: “After all, you have an economy to rebuild.”
Arithel: “The people will look to you for guidance.”
He winces, but nods.
The prisoners arrive, unarmed, and nervous.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Good, glad you’re still here. Nice to see such reasonable individuals.”
Safana: “I need you wonderful bashers to do me a favor. We need to have a talk to whats left of local authority. You’re going to go get them.”
Lead Prisoner: “…why should we help you? You’re usurpers!”
Safana: “We also won. You, unfortunately, did not.”
Safana: “You should help us because none of us, you included, want to see this get any bloodier than it has to.”
Safana: “And finally, you should help us because the idea appeals to your sense of self preservation. I am a pirate, and prisoners without purpose have another name.”
Safana pauses, looking each of them in the eye, “Fish food.”
…the prisoners scatter, running towards the centers of local government.
Safana: “Grand. I always knew I was a born diplomat.”
Once they are out of earshot, the Stormtamer and Hammerhead start laughing.
Hammerhead: “A bit melodramatic, wasn’t that?”
Safana is also laughing by that point, I’m sure.
Campaign saved.
Safana: “Can you believe it? I didn’t think I’d be able to keep a straight face long enough to even say it.”
Arithel smiles.
Shortly, the functionaries from across Islas are sheparded into the square.
Safana: Pry just lounging on the town hall steps by that point.
You briefly realize that this would be the perfect opportunity to cut down the entirety of Islasian government.
Kiergath (Safana): And we then shoo that thought back into the corner.
Indeed you do!
GM: Whatfor do you make happen?
Safana: “Bart? Anything you’d like to say to your new subjects?”
Campaign saved.
Stormtamer: “I’m sure when you woke up this morning, none of you expected the day to be ending like this. A change of governance tends to be a planned event, with some forecasting. However, I can promise you, that from this day forward, and each day that you wake up, you will not have to undergo a similar change.”
Stormtamer: “There is no need for dissention – you know my reputation, and you know what I am capable of. My intent is for this island to thrive, economically as well as personally. I’ll be meeting with each of you this week to discuss what your role in this new government will be.”
Meich: (Aside) “Is he always this vaguely threatening?”
Safana: “Stormtamer didn’t get his reputation handin’ out puppies to orphans.”
Safana peers at the Hammerhead, “Okay, maybe partly, but not the reputation we like to spread out.”
Hammerhead laughs. “Yes, he does tend to enjoy that whole orphan puppying thing. I’ll be damned if I know why.”
The Stormtamer goes on for a good ten minutes before dismissing a largely docile group of administrators.
Safana: “Iono, they’re kind’ve cute. At least at the age where they’re between crying all the time and talkin’ all the time. There’s an age where they’re between those two, right?”
Hammerhead: “…are you talking about orphans, or puppies?”
Safana: “I’m not really sure.”
Arithel laughs.
Campaign saved.
Arithel: “Lord Stormtamer, I would like to recruit a team of criers to deliver word to the populace of the upcomming change and assure them that it is safe for them to return to their lives.”
Stormtamer: “Now, for you all. What do I owe you for bestowing my city upon me?”
Stormtamer nods assent to Arithel’s request.
Safana: “Offerin’ the survivor’s a steady job wouldn’t be a bad start. They’ve bled to see this through.”
Arithel: “I only ask that you rule Islas with fairness and diligence. Two qualities that I have come to know you posess. Knowing the greater good came of all this is important to me.”
Eachra nods to both statments
Safana: “As long as you don’t decide to start hanging pirates. Fairness and diligence has its limits.”
Safana: “Well, at least not pirates that play ball.”
Arithel sighs.
Campaign saved.
Stormtamer laughs. “My first decree must be that, mustn’t it? ‘All pirates must play ball or be hung by the neck until dead!’”
Safana: “Oy, Hammerhead, we own a city now; you could be an admiral instead of a wanted corsair.”
Hammerhead: “…nuts to that, missy! I’d rather be a wanted corsair than wear a stuffy uniform!”
Safana: “Even if it came with a hat?”
The Stormtamer turns to the mercenaries and proceeds to hire them into the governer’s personal guard on the spot.
Hammerhead: “…a big hat?”
Safana: “The budget isn’t inexhaustable.”
Stormtamer: “Eachra, is there anything I can do for you?”
Hammerhead: “…no deal then.”
Eachra looks up at Stormtamer
Campaign saved.
Eachra shakes her head no. “I am just happy to see that this has come to a happy ending for the most part. I am happy to see that you are going to be a good ruler of this little town. That is enough.”
Safana: “Little, she calls it.”
Arithel: “I will see if I can gather up a few celebratory casks of wine and ale so that we can usher in this new era of Islas with warm comradery.”
Hammerhead: “Maybe she’s been ruined by a man who wasn’t, eh? That’d make any girl think Islas was small.”
Safana: “Is that anything like getting drunk until you can’t make it up the stairs?”
Eachra goes back to her corner and sits down on the floor. Folding her wings about her and cries softly.
Hammerhead: “…I’ll celebrate the heck out of Islas if that’s what that means.”
Hammerhead: “…did I break her?”
Arithel bows shortly, “perhaps.” winks at Safana then leaves.
Safana: “If I can make a suggestion for the immediate future; the armory needs re-secured and these guns need to be repositioned to where they can stand off any incoming ships.”
Safana: “We still have enemies at large on the waves.”
Stormtamer: “Noted.”
And with that, gents, It’s time for the DM to go to sleep.
Thus do we wrap up the Defense of Islas!
Kiergath (Safana): ..defense, he calls it.
Feel free to level up!
…and yes.
Also, save your levelling up for next tiem.
Kiergath (Safana): well, yeah.
But you did level!
Campaign saved.
Doug (Eachra): Night Alex
Kiergath (Safana): Night guv.
Meich, Safana and Arithel recover from Arithel’s scrying and make a dash for the entrance, where they see a pitched battle in which they are losing. They slip behind the cannon line and commandeer a weapon. Safana sees fit to arm the cannon with gold, to teach the greedy mercenaries a lesson. She fires into the crowd, having the others reload – it causes pandemonium as the mercenaries scramble to sieze the wealth. The fighting ceases, but is re-ignited when the Orc and the Human with the soulless eyes assault Safana, Meich and Arithel. They are dispatched, but not before Meich takes a near-fatal beating. Arithel saves the life of the Kobold mercenary captain, and they set off to investigate the fate of the Fourth Company. They find the armory in tatters, having exploded from the inside, and find the dragonborn within, the lone survivor of a mutineer’s attack. They save his life and proceed to ensure that the Stormtamer becomes the governor of Islas.

Campaign saved.

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Session 11 - Islas - Defense of Islas

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